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Welcome to the Verse and Dimensions Wiki!

Our mission here is to discuss -verses (universes, multiverses, and whatever other -verse or structure you can think of), and dimensions (in both senses of the term - alternate worlds/realities, as well as spacial and temporal extents). To this end, we do a lot of work with physics, cosmology, geometry, and mathematics, but we love to touch it up with some pseudoscience, such as cosmic entities, Multiverse theory, time travel etc. We constantly ramble about this stuff on our discord chat, which is linked a bit to your right, and we'd love you include you in our constant debates, you can even start some if you'd like, we love to answer questions! Need not worry, we wouldn't be mean unless we had a reason to (meaningless aggression, constant foul language, toxicity, other bad reasons, etc), we're very welcoming!


Please do not take anything we discuss seriously, you can find accurate science content on websites like NASA or maybe Wikipedia. But remember, this is a work of fiction, and we try our best to make it good, in which we believe we're doing a good job doing so!

Contributions are welcome, encouraged, even, but we attempt to keep things neat, clean, and also try to completely get rid of any shitposting, and especially vandalism around the wiki. This includes undoing sloppy edits to any already made pages, and grammatical correction, as we try to make the wiki look good as well, we'd like to make as least mistakes as possible.

Please do not create/edit a page if it doesn't have anything to do with what we are mainly centered upon, shitposting will automatically be deleted from the wiki, unless it is an authorized joke page, which is rarely allowed.

Individual -verse hierarchy can be found here:


Second soup





The best way to contact administrators is through our discord server.

We don't take new staff under normal circumstances, so we will not accept applications, asking will only lower your impression around the wiki, including your chances of becoming an administrator, or any form of staff, so your best option is to be humble, we all try to have a good time here.

Recent Activity

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For beginners:

~~~Discord link for V&D~~~

The Scale Past the Universe01:37

The Scale Past the Universe

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