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Friday, February 23, 2018.
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Welcome to Verse and Dimensions Wiki!

Our main intention here is to discuss specific types of -verses (universes, multiverses, and whatever other -verse or structure you can think of), and dimensions (in both senses of the term - alternate worlds/realities, as well as spacial and temporal extents). To this end, most of our work has revolved around physics, cosmological fantasy, geometry, mathematics, and other subcategories.


The material on this wiki pertaining to anything beyond our universe is no more than speculative fiction, which a handful of our users like to call cosmological fantasy. Our content is obviously not to be taken as legitimate scientific material, though asking questions is highly encouraged.

Our content is not to be used for reference without permission from the administrators and with credit given to our wiki. We have seen alot of "size comparison" videos which have used content from our community, which we have been not very happy with since the creators of those videos have not given credit to either alldimensions or Verse & Dimensions.


Clean, well-written contributions are welcome here, however, vandalism, spam, advertisement (usually banned except when authorized by the administrators), and low-quality garbage are not. This should be self-explanatory; our predecessor wiki alldimensions was flooded with those, unfortunately. If you have doubts about a page's quality or are new to the wiki, put it in a blog post and other users can review it.

Chatroom rules are present in our discord server, which should be linked to the right. The same rules apply to our forums and message walls.



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The best way to contact administrators is through the community's Discord, though we do answer our message walls.

We do not currently accept applications for administration or other staff positions, barring special/unusual circumstances. Asking will not particularly help you become staff, and can even decrease your chances of becoming such, so your best bet is to be humble.

Issues between staff are handled internally; inform any staff member of an issue or a certain situation you feel we need to know and we'll try to have things resolved as soon as possible.

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