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    This law states that any possible new structure anyone comes up with to include everything else and/or be above everything else in the cosmological hierarchy will either be structurally identical to The Box or end up being smaller than it and, therefore, contained by it.

    According to this law, such attempts only end up creating different points of view of the same top level structure, nothing more.

    An example of this is the Imaginarium which, despite being quite different in description to the Box still is structurally identical to it on a fundamental level. Both are the fictional containers for everything. Both contain smaller elements (Altarcae and Imaginata) which are individual independent cosmologies. Those contain everything else insid…

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  • ThisWriter

    On thinkability

    June 30, 2017 by ThisWriter

    So, thinking about how thinkable things are! Meta thinking would be thinking about thinking, so what is this?

    I'm going to have to refer to my cosmology here because it partly started with some comments in relation to it. So, tu take that out of the way: We don't know if the Imaginarium is equal to the Omniumverse but we know that it both contains and is contained by it. Those two relations are not identical. To both contain and be contained at the same time is not necessarily the same as being identical.

    This entire debate is predicated on some of the properties defined to objects in the Thinkability scale so let's examine those. (The link was modified to point to the old version of the page I was commenting on, seing as the page was rename…

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  • ThisWriter

    Seing as there is already a Reality page which people seem to mostly agree with and seing that I have a different take on it, instead of trying to edit said page I'm putting my attempt at defining it here as a blog post.

    "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away" Philip K. Dick

    Reality is where we, the writers of this wiki, as well as the reader, live. We are all part of reality in whatever way we exist.

    Reality is whatever is real. It means the state of being real, the state of things as they actually exist as opposed by how we think or believe they exist. Reality is all that exists, no matter what is imagined, believed, perceived or even believed to be known about it. Even if all we think we know about it is wro…

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    The Kardashev Scale

    I'm writing this post to present my position that it does not scale with the level of things that are being created on this wiki. As stated it is a means of ranking a civilization by measuring its power generation and usage capacity. It measures power consumption only, nothing more, and, because of that it scales only in relation to said power consumption. All other factors are ignored.

    The scale works well as invented up to the Type 3 civilization with a power consumption of 1036 watts which is the approximate equivalent to the entire energy output of a galaxy. Each level in the scale increases by about 1010 the energy usage which means that a Type 4 civilization would be at about the 1046 watts usage which is the approxim…

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  • ThisWriter


    June 24, 2017 by ThisWriter

    So, as per the intent originally demonstrated on a note at the end of this article, it has now been put up as a normal wiki page here. This blog post is now to be considered a first draft.

    Just a name for everything, for the all encompassing set. It is in our nature to name things and this is a name to include all names. Whenever one talks or thinks about anything that thing is inside it. No exceptions, none, zip. It has been referred by many other names like Reality, Omniverse, The Box, etc but ThisWriter choose to name it Omniumverse here. These names may also plausibly refer to things that ThisWriter as named differently.

    ThisWriter has also attempted to define it in a way that actually makes sense with our true reality as well as with any…

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