What is Local Mathematics?

Local Mathematics is the study of dimensions, and verses. These are the questions you need to ask when studying Local Mathematics: How does this Universe behave? What happens when these two verses collide? These are the types of questions you need to ask when dealing with Local Mathematics.

​Why is it called Local Mathematics?

It is called Local Mathematics, because mathematics is typically universal. Local means not universal. So, what applies to one Universe might not apply to another. There could be other Universes out there with no related properties to our own. That is why it is called Local Mathematics.

​Learning Local Mathematics

Without further adue, let us study Local Mathematics. First, we need to define a rigourous definition for what a Universe is. A great way to define a Universe is to ask these three questions: What forces does it have? What size is it? What is inside of it? Let us tackle our first question: What forces does it have? First, we need to define what a force is.

​What is a force?

We do not need a definition for a force, as we can think of forces as vectors. A force can have an x component, a y component, and a z component. The coordinates of the force tell you where the object would move after the force is being applied on. If there are more than one forces being applied on an object, then add the vectors.

​Our second and third questions should be easy to solve. It depends. We already know the concept of sizes and containing. So there is no need to go over that.

​Verse & Dimensions Wikia study for Local Mathematics

We need more people studying Local Mathematics. That is what our wiki is built on. So someone needs to join us in our journey of studying local mathematics. It starts on 2017 May 1st, but you can study earlier.

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