Some of these exist on alldimensions, others were created by haphazardly attaching random prefixes to "-verse", others were created in other meaningless ways. Feel free to create pages for them as desired. (I might be making pages for some of them, actually.)

Also, feel free to suggest more. This list could stand to be quite a bit longer.

Greek prefixes

  • Monoverse
  • Diverse (wait, no, that's already a word)
  • Triverse
  • Tetraverse
  • Pentaverse
  • Hexaverse
  • Heptaverse
  • Octaverse / octoverse
  • Enneaverse
  • Decaverse
  • Hendecaverse
  • Dodecaverse


Latin prefixes

  • Universe
  • Biverse / duoverse
  • Triverse (already listed)
  • Quadriverse
  • Quinquiverse
  • Sexverse
  • Septverse
  • Octaverse / octoverse
  • Nonaverse


Miscellaneous prefixes

  • Apeiroverse
  • Ultiverse
  • Interverse

Random non-prefixed names, to be used to refer to high-level concepts

  • Totality
  • The End
  • Infinite Cardinality
  • Recursive Layer
  • (Grand/Great/Superior/etc.) Ensemble
  • Compound Verse

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