• Second soup

    Story: Play of the Eon

    January 6, 2018 by Second soup

    Welcome back to the semifinal match of the omega-plus-two-hundred-thirty-seventh Archverse Ultimate Tournament!

    As always, we're going to be your commentators; I'm Splerpadaghi, and here in the booth with me is Tozak-M1101. Everyone ready for some godball?!

    Now, when we left off, the Fractalburg Ouroboroses had pushed up their servitors along the eighteenth dimensional line and fractured most of their timesquares to tap the remaining resources. And on the other end, the Quantonia Double-Demons threatened an offensive push over this next couple billion local years, you know, to try to advance a few dozen multiverses and regain some field control.

    That's absolutely right, Tozak. So as we come back to the game, it looks like Joreeg'maluupu over …

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  • Second soup

    This wikia's cosmologies are entirely subjective; they all exist simultaneously, regardless of logical structure.

    And that's about it.

    If you want a constant stack of ever-more-abstract structures ascending past imagination and reason, go for it. If you want the Box to be the highest level, you can stop there. If you want the Omniverse to be the highest level, you can stop there. If you want the universe (ours) to be the only -verse that actually exists, you can do that.

    We do try to share our cosmologies to some extent on this wiki, but if there are contradictions, you're free to branch off and make your own little world.

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