• Second soup

    Morris blinked. His vision was purely white, his eyes stinging with the power of light from all around him - the only thing he could make out at first was his nose. He glanced down to look at his body, failing to notice a shadow or any sign of a floor to this... place.

    Oh, I guess I'm... fine? His body was there, uninjured, in a casual sort of outfit -

    - that he hadn't been wearing when he died.

    Right, yes, yes. I... died.

    The young man recalled his death, images flashing through his head so fast he could only just barely piece things together: a fall off a building, a searing pain in his back, an ambulance, something about blood...? He remembered that he was on the building for a reason - work of some kind, possibly.

    He was still trying to thin…

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  • Second soup

    Story: Play of the Eon

    January 6, 2018 by Second soup

    Welcome back to the semifinal match of the omega-plus-two-hundred-thirty-seventh Archverse Ultimate Tournament!

    As always, we're going to be your commentators; I'm Splerpadaghi, and here in the booth with me is Tozak-M1101. Everyone ready for some godball?!

    Now, when we left off, the Fractalburg Ouroboroses had pushed up their servitors along the eighteenth dimensional line and fractured most of their timesquares to tap the remaining resources. And on the other end, the Quantonia Double-Demons threatened an offensive push over this next couple billion local years, you know, to try to advance a few dozen multiverses and regain some field control.

    That's absolutely right, Tozak. So as we come back to the game, it looks like Joreeg'maluupu over …

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  • Second soup

    Story: Keep Fighting

    November 28, 2017 by Second soup

    I am a Centurion. My designation is one-eight-nine-nine-six-five. I have been told to keep fighting.

    I have not been told to consider why. All that I have been told to consider is that I now stand in the middle of a multi-parsec-wide cosmic egg, composed of psionic signals and pulses of communication with, as I have been told, "more to do with metaphor than reality". The environment here is no longer truly tangible in the quantum sense; it is shaped wildly by the thoughts of an entity with processing patterns vastly different than my own.

    I am fighting an entity possessing more power than the gods of monocosms and the eldritch monstrosities lurking throughout all creation "even hope to attain". I am fighting "hordes of beings" from "beyond i…

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  • Second soup

    On the surface of a hexagonal plate in the Folded Cascade the size of a supercluster, in a city of blue stone and glimmering white metal, on a large balcony off the side of a skyscraper, sat a rotund young woman wearing glasses and dressed in brown and black robes.

    She had a book in her hand and was absentmindedly thumbing through the pages. Of course, she didn't exactly need to read the book - she already knew everything about it, from the story itself and all of the words within, to the exact location of each individual molecule of ink and paper, and the state of each of the myriad wave-particle pairs composing every one of them.

    Similarly, there was a cup of coffee on the table in front of her. She had no use for it - her actual body, a ma…

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  • Second soup

    Some of these exist on alldimensions, others were created by haphazardly attaching random prefixes to "-verse", others were created in other meaningless ways. Feel free to create pages for them as desired. (I might be making pages for some of them, actually.)

    Also, feel free to suggest more. This list could stand to be quite a bit longer.

    • Monoverse
    • Diverse (wait, no, that's already a word)
    • Triverse
    • Tetraverse
    • Pentaverse
    • Hexaverse
    • Heptaverse
    • Octaverse / octoverse
    • Enneaverse
    • Decaverse
    • Hendecaverse
    • Dodecaverse


    • Universe
    • Biverse / duoverse
    • Triverse (already listed)
    • Quadriverse
    • Quinquiverse
    • Sexverse
    • Septverse
    • Octaverse / octoverse
    • Nonaverse


    • Apeiroverse
    • Ultiverse
    • Interverse

    • Totality
    • The End
    • Infinite Cardinality
    • Recursive Layer
    • (Grand/Great/Superior/etc.) Ensemble
    • Compou…

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