• Second soup

    Some of these exist on alldimensions, others were created by haphazardly attaching random prefixes to "-verse", others were created in other meaningless ways. Feel free to create pages for them as desired. (I might be making pages for some of them, actually.)

    Also, feel free to suggest more. This list could stand to be quite a bit longer.

    • Monoverse
    • Diverse (wait, no, that's already a word)
    • Triverse
    • Tetraverse
    • Pentaverse
    • Hexaverse
    • Heptaverse
    • Octaverse / octoverse
    • Enneaverse
    • Decaverse
    • Hendecaverse
    • Dodecaverse


    • Universe
    • Biverse / duoverse
    • Triverse (already listed)
    • Quadriverse
    • Quinquiverse
    • Sexverse
    • Septverse
    • Octaverse / octoverse
    • Nonaverse


    • Apeiroverse
    • Ultiverse
    • Interverse

    • Totality
    • The End
    • Infinite Cardinality
    • Recursive Layer
    • (Grand/Great/Superior/etc.) Ensemble
    • Compou…

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  • Second soup

    This wikia's cosmologies are entirely subjective; they all exist simultaneously, regardless of logical structure.

    And that's about it.

    If you want a constant stack of ever-more-abstract structures ascending past imagination and reason, go for it. If you want the Box to be the highest level, you can stop there. If you want the Omniverse to be the highest level, you can stop there. If you want the universe (ours) to be the only -verse that actually exists, you can do that.

    We do try to share our cosmologies to some extent on this wiki, but if there are contradictions, you're free to branch off and make your own little world.

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  • Second soup

    Basically: which ones do we capitalize and which can we leave lowercase?


    I would agree. However, you have a lot of uppercase -verse names in your articles. Was this intentional? Wikia lets you type in the link in all lowercase, and it usually still works.

    Lowercase. AarexWikia04 (talk) 00:23, July 22, 2016 (UTC)
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  • Second soup

    Probably my greatest fear is knowing that the universe will one day end, most likely by the slow decay of entropy but maybe in some horrifying Big Rip or Big Crunch scenario. This wikia helps to ease that a bit, because in a way I get to imagine what it'd be like for everyone else. The multiverse as a whole would keep carrying on, right?

    This also gave me the idea to weave together something a bit like a story. Not a specific story, actually, more of a setting. But it'd be a set of -verses that work together to make sure sentient beings from all universes can live and work together happily, or at least that's the idea.

    I've started with the Hubworld, and I intend to keep going with some other stuff. Of course, it's not going to be perfectly …

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