The lord of imagination is an extremely powerful being who has existed for as long as the omniverse has existed meaning that he has no origin rather he has always existed and will exist on long after we have died.  The lord of imagination is the living embodiment of the concept of imagination this means that as long as he exists imagination will exist. The lord of imagination is very powerful as he is able to do anything a being in the omniverse could imagine this includes reality alteration on omniversal scales and omnipotence. The lord of imagination has demonstrated the following abilities : impossible word creation , abstract concept manipulation , logic manipulation ,size alteration , omnipotence , omniscience, omnilock , immortality , absolute condition , the ability to exist outside of the omniverse meaning that the lord of imagination is able to still exist even if the omniverse was destroyed. The lord of imagination is not just the lord of imagination rather that is one of his many names for he is the embodiment of nonsenseverse a dimension that exists beyond all dimensions. In the 3rd dimension the one we currently occupy the lord of imagination usually appears as a travelling entertainer who wanders the 3rd dimension looking for people to entertain. To conceal his identity he simply shapeshifts into someone else or turns invincible. The lord of imagination will always exist even if all the verses and dimensions were destroyed by some all powerful being.  Calling him the lord of imagination is a bad name for  him as he is beyond all concepts and ideas. In fact he is able to do defeat the idea breakers by using a specially crafted sword called Lunoshka. Lunoshka is a living extension of the lord of imagination that allows him to cut through anything in his path including idea breakers. Lunoshka is able to turn into an infinite number of weapons from 4d axes to slingshots and antimatter bombs. Another item in the lord of imaginations arsenal is his sphere of never ending delights , this allows him to see into other dimensions and manipulate what happens within them. The lord of imaginations arsenal is infinite in its size and complexity.

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