Suppose that we have a sphere that contains a slightly smaller sphere that is aproximately 1% smaller than that sphere. This 2nd sphere contains another sphere that is 1% smaller than it and this 3rd sphere contains a sphere that is 1% smaller than it.  Now suppose that we continued nesting these spheres within themselves creating some sort of russian doll like effect for an arbitrary number of spheres k.  Because the n+1th sphere is only 1% smaller than the nth sphere the difference in volume between each sphere is very small. Now suppose that we were to nest an infinite number of spheres each 1% smaller than the last and we colour each sphere red or blue what colour would the last sphere be? Obviously this analogy doesn't make any sense as it would be impossible to determine whether the last sphere is red or blue as there is no last sphere. If we let red=0 or off and blue=1 or on then  we have a very basic binary system but the final sphere or the limit as the spheres approach infinity could exist in states 0 or 1 meaning that it could be on or off. The sphere could also be on and off at the same time making it a kind of quantum binary system. But would if we were to flaten the sphere into a disk so that the disk would be made of red or blue rings now suppose that we morph this disk into a tube with finite length but infinite volume is it possible to turn this tube into a tube with infinite length and infinite volume. Yes we simply stretch the tube at both ends until it approaches infinity at that point we stop as we have completed this stage of the task. Now suppose that we take this tube of infinite length and infinite volume and roll it into an infintesimally  small sphere so that it is at the level of my sub quantum pixels is it possible to contain it within a volume volume of space.The answer to this is yes as we could slice this tube into smaller and smaller pieces so as to eventually get a small powder like substance. You continue to slice the tubelets into smaller and smaller pieces until all the little tubelets look like a fine powder. This powder could then be contained within a finite volume.

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