If we consider newtonian mechanics to be the first level of physics the easiest level to understand in terms of our place in the vastness of space. The 2nd level the einstinian level is what governs the laws of newtonian mechanics going one step further than what newton did by factoring in the speed of light. The 3rd level the quantum level is what controls the workings of the einstinian system of physics and by default the newtonian system. Beyond the quantum level we have the sub-quantum pixel layers where each smaller level <=4 becomes more and more complex. The deeper we go into the mysterious world of sub-quantum physics the faster we lose our understanding of existence. The 4th level could be what allows for the various quantum states and quantum tunnelling as well as all other quantum effects. It might even be possible that other sentient life forms exist in some for or another in these sub-planck scale systems. These lifeforms might have dissapeared less than a Planck time after the big bang meaning that they would be undetectable to modern science. In my opinion I believe that our understanding of existence is infinitesimally smaller than what anyone could ever imagine because not even a computer with an infinite amount of storage space and a godlike intelligence could understand the big picture. For example it might be possible that super advanced aliens trillions of years old from another universe could have developed ways of travelling faster than the speed of light by manipulating these sub quantum levels of reality. It is clear in my opinion that literal gods can't exist only godlike beings who have passed through various stages of existence to reach a higher point in the great mountain of life. These super advanced extratterestrials might be aiding in the growth of lifeforms like humans inspiring us to become like them and take our place in the cosmos. What happens when all the sentient creatures in the universe reach this stage of godlike existence within a spiritless universe?

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