Before we explore the mysteries of hyper space we need to understand what the local space is, the local  space is a term I came up with that refers to the 3 dimensions of euclidean fame. The 0th dimension is the point the most basic of all mathematical objects its purity is so vast that it is respected by beings from around the multiverse. The 1st dimension is of course the line the infinite representation of length pure untouchable length. The 2nd dimension is the dimension of the euclidean plane this is where we not only get length but also width. The 3rd dimension is the most familiar of the dimensions as it is the dimension that we as humans currently occupy , the 3rd dimension allows us to move in any direction we wish as long as the space around us permits it. Hyper space begins at the 4th dimension in this dimension the passage of time can be seen for what it truly is an ever changing reel of film with many branches coming off of it representing the possible futures based on our actions. In the 4th dimension the concept of direction ceases to exist as all of time and space are seen for what they are one single entity in this way it becomes possible to learn the mysteries of the universe with no experimental evidence. A being from the 4th dimension would be infinitely more powerdful than us 3d people for they would be like gods to us. I believe that a type 4 or 5 civilization would exist in the 4th dimension as they would have no need of bodies of 3d matter rather they would become pure energy beings capable of feats of immense prowess.

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