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    A megastructure if you don't know is any kind of artificially made construct that is considerably large externally as well as internally in some cases. The minimum height requirement for a megastructure must be at least 1km and the minimum length requirement is 20km , although this is just an estimate since both of these sizes describe very small mega structures.

    Although megastructures are generally found off-world due to many of them being millions of times larger than the planet they originate some of them are small enough to fit on the their home-planet.

    Examples of such structures include:

    The great wall of china  and the large hadron collider.

    Beyond this we have stellar or galactic level megastructures such as:

    Dyson spheres and Matriosk…

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  • Primussupremus

    The human-man.

    July 1, 2017 by Primussupremus

    When mankind was in its darkest hour due to the threat of global internet censorship and Nuclear terrorism a random chance occurence caused all the people who have ever lived to merge together forming the human-man. Human-man was made up of all the best qualities of mankind with none of our weaknesses such as disease or war , this entity was literally the ideal person. They had a complete mastery of all possible skills from playing instruments to martial arts , this allowed for them to paint masterpieces , build supercomputers out of scraps and win at any event. This combined Human would have the destructive capability to destroy a small island to entire continent with preparation time. Their speed would be greater than any of our finest v…

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  • Primussupremus

    As the human race continues to advance further and further into the future there will come a time in the not to distant future what mankind joins with their technology becoming semi-biological entities. This change from biological - artificial will not be like in the films rather it will be an elegant process using sophisticated nanobots rather than cluncky steel apendenges. The 1st stage of this post biological era will be in the early 2020's when the first fully fuctioning medical nanobots will be commisioned. They will be injected into the bloodstreams of the billions of people alive at the time giving them increased pain resistance , healing abilties and an a resistance to many kinds of disease and illness. In later decades as computer…

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  • Primussupremus

    Last time I described briefly my idea on the multilayered theory of reality now I would like to describe this outside of physics and into the worlds of metaphysics and philosophy.

    If you think about it very carefully time is actually split into two parts chronal time (time that can be measured) and eternal time (time that can't be measured but just exists). Chronal time is the easier of the two to understand as it effects are felt by everyone across time and space eternal time is harder as it is purely metaphysical in nature.

    The eternal nature of time could only be fully comprehended at the infiniteth level of existence a place only the oldest and mightiest of beings in existence could comprehend.

    The deeper into the levels of physics you go…

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  • Primussupremus

    If we consider newtonian mechanics to be the first level of physics the easiest level to understand in terms of our place in the vastness of space. The 2nd level the einstinian level is what governs the laws of newtonian mechanics going one step further than what newton did by factoring in the speed of light. The 3rd level the quantum level is what controls the workings of the einstinian system of physics and by default the newtonian system. Beyond the quantum level we have the sub-quantum pixel layers where each smaller level

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