One project that I was maybe going to work on in the old All Dimensions wiki was this Units page. It was a natural extension of the pages for edge length, surface area, and so on, to physical quantities that weren't just in [length]n.

With the pages for energy and specific energy, I think it's time to start that project back up again! All Dimensional analysis will rock this earth!

Base Units



These quantities don't appear as offical SI base units, but may be required to express


Space Antiderivatives

Angular Antiderivatives

Translational Mechanical

Time Derivatives of Position

Time Antiderivatives of Position

Time Derivatives of Mass

Time Derivatives of Momentum

  • Momentum - [mass][length][time]-1
  • Force - [mass][length][time]-2
  • Yank - [mass][length][time]-3
  • Tug - [mass][length][time]-4
  • Snatch - [mass][length][time]-5

Time Derivatives of Energy

  • Energy - [mass][length]2[time]-2
  • Power - [mass][length]2[time]-3

Time Antiderivatives of Energy

Rotational Mechanical

Time Derivatives of Angle

Time Antiderivatives of Angle

Time Derivatives of Moment of Inertia

Time Derivatives of Angular Momentum

Time Derivatives of Energy

  • Energy - [angle]2[mass][length]2[time]-2
  • Power - [angle]2[mass][length]2[time]-3

Time Antiderivatives of Energy

  • Action - [angle]2[mass][length]2[time]-1


Gravitational Coupling

Space Derivatives of Mass

Space Derivatives of Gravitational Potential


Electric Coupling

Space Derivatives of Charge

Space Derivatives of Current

Magnetic Coupling

Space Derivatives of Magnetic Charge

Space Derivatives of Magnetic Current

Circuit Theoretic

Time Antiderivatives of Current

Time Antiderivatives of Voltage

Time Derivatives of Capacitance

Time Derivatives of Inductance

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