• Holomanga

    Whilst the megaverse is full of many tales of civilisations surviving, it is full of plenty of civilisations not surviving. This gruesome sample size is unfortunately enough to create a reasonable typology of risks that face civilisations at all levels; illegal emulations have also netted results in the field before the peacekeeping forces of the megaverse put a stop to it.

    Natural risks are constant state risks that all life faces as a condition of existing in an occasionally hostile universe. Their impacts are typically limited in scope (since universes with high enough natural risks never form life in the first place), but they are also difficult to mitigate for planetary civilisations, especially those that are still bound to the natural …

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    Metaspace propulsion is the science of moving something - usually you - between universes. The advantages of this are clear: each universe inhabited opens up an entire cosmos worth of resources for the taking, and the geometry of a megaverse is such that the hypersphere you're stuck on the surface is is usually higher-dimensional.

    This comes with a price, however, which is why you don't see every planetary civilisation hopping between dimensions to grow their economy (the E-Prime Chorus is an outlier adn should not be counted). The price is typically measured in "spiral galaxies worth of matter".

    But how do you use those spiral galaxies to lift yourself up from the realm you're stuck in? There are three main ways:

    Nudge-style drives are the si…

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  • Holomanga

    Big Ass-Numbers

    December 13, 2017 by Holomanga

    A number system is a bunch of things, any two of which can be compared with the relation < to give a value of true or false.

    ∅, the empty set, is the smallest number, called 0.

    S(n)=n+1 is defined as n∪{n}. This means that each number is the collection of all smaller numbers. This applies generally. n

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  • Holomanga

    Links Post I

    November 20, 2017 by Holomanga

    SlateStarCodex, my favourite blog, does links posts, so I might as well do one of those. They're a good way to spur disussion in the comments, and also people can post their own links.

    That is not dead which can eternal lie: the aestivation hypothesis for resolving Fermi’s paradox - The energy efficiency of computation is based on the external temperature. In order to maximise computations, a civilisation could wait until the far future, when computation is potentially 1030 times more efficient.

    Infinite Ethics - A utilitarian moral system works by adding total utility. For an infinite cosmos, this means that the addition or subtraction of any finite amount of utility would not alter the total moral value of the cosmos. This makes decisions a…

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  • Holomanga

    What is ∞

    November 19, 2017 by Holomanga

    is a symbol that shows up all over the place, and it is called infinity. You can sometimes do operations on it, like numbers, and you can give equalities to it, and you can take limits. It's not always a number, but sometimes it acts like one.

    When pressed to give a definition to ∞, I said "∞ is the symbol which, for any number system with numbers n and an ordering relation >, it is true that ∞ > n". "number system" is left ambiguous, and is very broad - it covers naturals, reals, surreals, cardinals, second cardinals, and whatever else you think of.

    Now, this definition itself is somewhat strange; number system is such a big concept that it may be that you can't compare between them. Even so much as saying the real number 2.000... is equal…

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