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    August 3, 2017 by Googleaarex

    Impossiverse is not a verse, but it is a set contains concepts and existence in nesting subsets.

    All of the subsets must be in one grand set, which is the sum. The element can be either the subset, existence, non-existence, or concept. There are 2 types of subsets, the square brackets and curly brackets.

    The square brackets have 2 to infinity elements, that the first element contains all other elements in the subset.

    The curly brackets that if the first element exists in the cosmology, then the result is the second element, otherwise the third element.

    Work in progress!

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  • Googleaarex

    The Box Quest

    July 21, 2017 by Googleaarex

    Few days ago, I started an another game design about the story of how the box was seen. You can find out at the site.

    Also, you can't take suggestions in my game design. I don't want the people who suggests ideas in my game design.

    • 7/21/17 - Logic Era completed.
    • Late 7/21/17 - Most parts of Protoverse Era completed.
    • 7/22/17 - Time-Runner Ascension completed.
    • 7/23/17 - Quantum Era completed.
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  • Googleaarex

    Verse Dimensions

    July 10, 2016 by Googleaarex

    First of all, the scientists tells our universe contains 10 space dimensions and 1 time dimensions. That's 10+1 dimensions in our universe.

    The old proposal was denied. And I made a new proposal:

    • Multiverse contains universe. Multiverse have the dimensions as the highest dimension number of the universe.
    • Archverses have the dimensions as the highest dimension number of the lower archverse layer.
    • Hyperverses can have variable amount of dimensions, and goes up to infinite dimensions.
    • Omniverses, contains every set of possible -verses. The highest dimension of one of the -verses is hyperverses, therefore omniverses might have infinite dimensions.
    • Beyond the omniverse still have infinite dimensions, because it contains the omniverse in it.
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