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    Everything (archive)

    August 9, 2017 by Alemagno12

    This is the archive of one of the pages I made, called Everything. In the page, I defined Nothing in wrong way, so it was deleted. I will rewrite it in the future.

    Everything, also known as Every Thing, All Things, Every Single Thing, Everyone, etc, is the object that doesn't lack anything. This concept created by Alemagno12.

    Since Everything doesn't lack anything, Everything can't even have a name, but it can't not have a name, because it would lack having or not having a name. But even if Everything doesn't have and doesn't (doesn't have) a name, that last statement is false, since Everything would lack not (not having a name and not (not having a name)). In fact, even that last statement is false too, since Everything would lack not havin…

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  • Alemagno12

    I decided to make this for an explanation of all of my cosmology.


    These are objects that can't be ranked because we don't know enough about them.

    The Realium is just another name for everything that exists in reality. We can't categorize this, since we don't know if reality consists of only our universe, or if there are also other universes, multiverses, archverses, omniverses, or other stuff. However, we do know that it can be categorized in at least rank ???, because we know that our universe exists.

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  • Alemagno12

    EDIT 02/06/2017 (DD/MM/YYYY): I am now including Primussupremus' sub-quantum pixels idea into my cosmology, so this blog post won't recieve any more updates.

    • 0: Null
    • 1: Lower sub-elementary particle
    • 2: Lower sub-elementary particle
    • 3: Lower sub-elementary particle
    • ...
    • ω-3: Propertions
    • ω-2: Numbinions,
    • ω-1: Preons
    • ω: Quarks
    • ω+1: Nucleons
    • ω+2: Atomic Nucleus
    • ω+3: Atoms
    • ω+4: Molecules
    • ω+5: DNA
    • ω+6: Chromosomes
    • ω+7: Nucleus, other organelles
    • ω+8: Cell
    • ω+9: Tissue
    • ω+10: Organs
    • ω+11: Organ Systems
    • ω+12: Species

    • ω+13: Room
    • ω+14: House
    • ω+15: Town
    • ω+16: City
    • ω+17: County
    • ω+18: State
    • ω+19: Country
    • ω+20: Continent, Island, Moon
    • ω+21: Planet, Star, Neutron Star, Black Hole
    • ω+22: System Bands
    • ω+23: Solar System
    • ω+24: Star Cloud
    • ω+25: Star Bubble
    • ω+26: Star Belt
    • ω+27: Spiral Arm, Elliptic…

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  • Alemagno12

    My new cosmology

    May 27, 2017 by Alemagno12

    The circle is The Cycle of Everything.

    The yellow dot is Nothing.

    The first half of the circle is everything of a lower level than a lesser version of The Box.

    The red dot is a lesser version of The Box.

    The second half of the circle is everything of a higher level than a lesser version of the box (like Paraverse and Existence)

    The Cycle of Everything is contained inside of The Box.

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  • Alemagno12

    EDIT: I am no longer working on this because my cosmology changed.


    Also, assume that (limit ordinal)-n exists. You'll see why.

    • ...
    • -10: Planet
    • -9: Solar System
    • -8: Star Cloud
    • -7: Star Bubble
    • -6: Star Belt
    • -5: Spiral Arm
    • -4: Galaxy
    • -3: Galaxy Cluster
    • -2: Supercluster
    • -1: Supercluster Complex
    • 0: Great Wall

    • 1: Universe
    • 2: Multiverse
    • 3: Megaverse
    • 4: Gigaverse
    • 5: Teraverse
    • 6: Petaverse
    • 7: Exaverse
    • 8: Zettaverse
    • 9: Yottaverse
    • 10: Xonaverse
    • 11: Archverse
    • 12: Archverse
    • 13: Archverse
    • ...
    • ω-3: Archverse
    • ω-2: Archverse
    • ω-1: Infiniteverse

    • ω: Omniverse
    • ω+11: Godverse
    • ω+2: Polyverse
    • ω+3: The Outside
    • ω+4: Beyond
    • ...
    • ω2-3: The Barrel, lesser/greater versions of other -verses
    • ω2-2: The Barrel, lesser/greater versions of other -verses
    • ω2-1: The Barrel, lesser/greater versions of other -verse…

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