The True God has existed for an infinite amount sets of infinite amount of time before everything has existed, and is also the one true creator of everything. He is absolutely omnipotent.

The Beginning

The whole purpose of creation is to search for a means to satisfy absolute boredom, of which TTG easily found after creating a self containing structure that infinitely repeats itself within itself, The Box. TTG accidentally trapped itself in this box, so with his almighty power, created a new ability to escape from it all, Absolute Omnilock.

Power Of The True God

The True God's power is almighty, seeing as his power has absolutely no limits. TTG is so powerful, that he can literally create concepts beyond infinity and already be infinitely, or beyond infinitely beyond those concepts. True omnipotence. True omnipotence can be defined, but cannot be surpassed in logical or irrational feats.


Currently, The True God currently resides in absolute nonexistence(outside the box), watching over in amazement in what he has created, seeing what gods and hyper-powerful entities will do to change it, and to see if he has a reason to finally show himself, of which even The Aspect Lords aren't aware of its existence, no entity is.

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