No entity is truely omnipotent. All gods are only nigh-omnipotent, since they only have two limits.

One, they can't effect omnipotents with a higher or equal ^ to their own, and they can't escape The Box.

Truely omnipotent means that one has no limits. A true omnipotent can destroy the entirety of The Box and recreate it an infinite amount of times BEYOND instantaneously if they wish for it to be that fast.

Nigh Omnipotent - Three or more limits that prevent them from reaching omnipotence.

Known wielders - Hyperman

Omnipotent - Only two limits, can't effect Omnipotent^2.

Known wielders - Creator

Omnipotent^2 - Only two limits, can't effect Omnipotent^3.

Known wielders - Paradoxus

Omnipotent^3- Only two limits, can't effect Omnipotent^4.

Known wielders -


Omnipotent^∞ - Only two limits, can't effect true omnipotents.

Known wielders - The Aspect Lords

True Omnipotence - No limits whatsoever, only bound by the limits of fiction itself.

Known wielders - The True God

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