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AarexWikia04's questions

Number 1

Is the box the biggest matter ever?

ANSWER: According to Second Soup, Yes.

ANSWER 2 (by Second_Soup): Yes. Not only that, it is the biggest possible or impossible structure. If entity A exists or does not exist (which includes all possibilities and permutations of logical structures), it is inside the Box.

Number 2

Is there another type of the Box?

ANSWER (by Second_Soup): The way I created the Box, you really can't have anything that even compares to it. Though the Barrel's definition as it stands is fine.

Number 3

What thing is bigger than Netland?

ANSWER (by Second_Soup): Clearly the Box again. :P

If that answer doesn't satisfy you, I imagine nothing really can be considered to be the largest verse... so probably you can just keep going up the list with whatever you want.

MatthewandMario's Questions

What would the infinite collection of alternate versions of All be called?

ANSWER: The All, containing all possible sets of particles, would be a classverse. All possible versions of All, then, would be a conglomerateverse, which I'm gonna call the universal conglomerateverse because that sounds cool.


ANSWER (by Second_Soup): "Beyond reality" can be defined as "not real", which would include anything that doesn't actually exist. This could have a lot of different meanings. Maybe our universe is the only thing that really exists, in which case anything like the multiverse or omniverse would be "beyond reality".

Second_Soup's Questions

Some of these are intended to be open-ended!


- How difficult is it to travel between universes, multiverses, megaverses, etc... or between omniverses? Could an advanced civilization use portal tech to go between them, or are they too isolated for anything but deities?

ANSWER: Depends, Dark mater is one way. There is a theory that Multiple realities exists beyond the event horizon of a massive black hole, in the next 20-30 years we may have the technology to find this out.


- What sort of event could destroy a universe/multiverse/etc? What happens when they are destroyed?

Astronomy, Cosmology, ???

- We say "astronomy" for studying celestial objects, "cosmology" for studying the physical structure of the universe... but what about the study of -verses?

ANSWER: The study for Parallel universe's is also cosmology.


- Is the Planck length by necessity a hard limit to the smallest possible thing? Same for the Planck time and other units; can there theoretically be anything smaller/shorter in alternate universes?