A point is a location, but it has no size. This does not mean an entire region however. It is defined by Euler as "that which has no part", which is an apt description - a point has no height, width, depth, or any other measure in any other dimension.

It is also the only zero-dimensional shape, and any zero-dimensional space consists of a single point and nothing else. This means that it can be considered as a zero-dimensional space of infinite extent, in analogue with the plane.

A line can be thought of as consisting of an infinite amount of points placed directly adjacent to each other in the same direction.

Likewise, a plane can be thought of as consisting of an infinite amount of parallel lines that are infinitely close.

In our Universe, nothing is smaller than a point. In different Universes, the concept of negative dimensions may exist. We, living in our Universe cannot imagine negative dimensions. There are fractional dimensions, but not negative dimensions.

The point represents the idea of unity in many religions and ethnic groups.

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