Nothing, Nonexistence, not anything, anything, everything, not everything, all things, No things, absence, nonabsence, they are one and the same. Regardless of name choice, they are all unmatched in capacity. Nothing knows what it is, it is above everyone, the biggest -verses, the Gods, any entity, and even reality itself. Nothing exists everywhere, however it is nonexistent at the same time, and any (im)possible and (in)definable form of (non)existing, none(all) of the above, and infinitely none at the same time.

"Nothing" is simply a surname of the true concept of this page that omnipotent beings have created through minimal understanding of the key, so that us inferior beings can begin to understand the key of understanding the sheer transcendent (in)conceptualization of Nothing.

Nothing can ever be said about it (even this statement and this entire page contradicts that, because it does not fall under any category in and outside of his quote, but for the sake of attempted explanation, it is here).

Beyond meanings, everything expressible, and anything conceptual, non-conceptual, and inexpressible, it exceeds the realms of possibility and impossibility into something else altogether, as no semblance of logic, measurement, physics, magic, reality, fiction, nonfiction, or language may express the true meaning of Nothing, which there is none.

It is also can't be expressed by anything on this wiki. Being beyond conception and comprehension due to its very existence being unable to be spoken of, it is incomparable to anything. Concepts, no matter how bizarre, no matter how many are combined, all fall within the realms of possibility and impossibility, but Nothing seemingly does not fall into either, due to it being explained by silence (which is also a contradictory.) But notice: Saying that it does not fall into either and does are both statements regarding Nothing. Nothing, as such, is beyond comprehension as there isn't really anything can ever be said about it. No concept can thus match up against it, as all statements will automatically be falsified as there is no truth in concept for it, thus, concepts beyond instantaneously become meaningless against it, seeing as there isn't any statement that can be held up to Nothing. What is the meaning of Nothing then, if inexpressible? It does not "exist, does not exist, both exists and does not exist, neither exists nor does not exist", and is not "neither of the above". Due to its sheer incomprehensibility, creating infinite paradoxes the moment someone tries to express it, it requires a transcendent means to understand it. The weird thing is, saying nothing isn't the same as saying it can be explained by "saying nothing explains it", or "it's still in the box" because the paradox is that statements of Nothing are automatically falsified, and Nothing is already beyond any paradox, as seen below.

Attempted explanation about Nothing

Nothing is above the abilities of any form of omnipotence.

Nothing is beyond justification.

Nothing surpasses Cantor's Absolute Infinity.

Nothing surpasses all of the transfinite numbers and ordinals.

Nothing is beyond size.

Nothing is beyond containment.

Nothing is above Infinity.

Nothing can't be contained.

Nothing can defy anything.

Nothing can't be controlled.

Nothing is created from nothing.

Nothing is beyond instantaneous-ness.

Nothing can beyond-instantly stop (and is already beyond) any (un/in)imaginable/definable paradox.

Nothing is beyond any (im)possible interpretation of logic.

Nothing is (ill)logical.

Nothing doesn't use logic.

Nothing is outside The Cycle Of Everything.

Nothing is outside The Structure Of Everything.

Nothing is beyond physics.

Nothing is beyond any form of immunity, or nullification.

Nothing is beyond criticism and analysis.

By saying, for example "nothing is beyond the box", you're right, Nothing is beyond the box, this can work for any structure put into the statement above.

If you manage to escape Nothing, you are the lowest and highest in existence, therefore, nothing contains you, but also creating a superposition, which can be defined as a paradox, as said, Nothing can stop all (in)definable and (un/in)imaginable paradoxes.

By placing yourself, or a structure (-verse) equal to or above nothing, you, or that structure is automatically the lowest in existence.

There are four ways to describe something, it is either is, isn't, both, or neither. If there were a way to describe nothing, I would have said it, but, notice this, I've said nothing at all.

Nothing VS The Box

It has been said that "No entity, concept, possibility, or impossibility exists outside the Box. By defining it, thinking about it, or even not thinking about it, you have placed it inside the Box. Any attempts of explaining how something exists beyond the Box are retroactively nullified; by placing something "beyond" or "outside" it, the very fact that there is writing about the object/verse/being at all places it inside the Box. All permutations of logic are in the Box, and it contains an infinite amount of copies of itself."

Nothing exists, and can't exist outside The Box.

Nothing is beyond logic.

Nothing doesn't use logic (and even that statement contradicts itself.)

Nothing can't be contained.

Nothing is indefinable, and since nothing has no definition (and even this statement contradicts it an infinite number of times ) the box does not contain it, since none of its statements can be held up to Nothing, and the few that do are nullified, either that or simply ignored by the sheer im(im...(∞)..)possibility and non-simplicity(e. it contains the -verse) of Nothing. As said before, "Nothing is beyond any form of immunity or nullification."

As said before, "Nothing is beyond criticism and analysis."

Nothing can't be conceptualized.

As said before, "Nothing is beyond Infinity"

  • It has also been said that The Box contains every piece of information, concept, and paradox, but as said before, Nothing can stop, and is already beyond, any paradox.


The Box is indeed the ultimatum of existence and nonexistence, but since none of The Boxes statements can be held up to nothing due to its sheer incomprehensibility, The Box is rendered infinitely less and null compared to Nothing.


Description of the above

If you noticed, the above is empty, and for good reason. There isn't anything that can ever be said about it, including the size and capacity of Nothing (even this statement contradicts that, because it does not fall under any category in this quote and outside of this wiki, but for the sake of attempted explanation, it is here.)

Beyond meanings, everything expressible, and anything conceptual, it exceeds the realms of possibility and impossibility into something else altogether, as no semblance of logic, non logic, forms of physics, magic, fiction, non-fiction, or language may express the true meaning of Nothing's capacity, size, and if, anything, everything, or nothing.

Other Cosmologies

Nothing is beyond any cosmology.

As said before, " it exceeds the realms of possibility and impossibility into something else altogether, as no semblance of logic, non logic, or language may express the true meaning of Nothing"

Omnipotent+ Beings

As said before, "Nothing is beyond the abilities of Omnipotence."

Nothing can't at least be partially be ruled over.

Nothing can't be controlled.

The abilities of an omnipotent are infinite, so therefore they should be able to get past nothing, but Nothing is beyond omnipotence, creating a paradox.

But, as said before, "Nothing can beyond-instantly end (and is already beyond) any (un/in)imaginable/definable paradox."

Antiomnipotence - No power can effect Nothing, not even down to the quantum level.

How to understand the meaning of Nothing

Description of the above

Antiomniscience - There isn't anything, not even to the omniscient beings, to know about Nothing, It ignores everything and nothing there is to be known about it, or will ever be known about it, which there can't be. There cannot be a true meaning to it.


Hence, as the structure of Nothing is seemingly that of refutation, refuting all notions of power and statements and making them absolutely null and meaningless, rendering itself the greatest, inexpressable, and unmatched of all things to potentially exist. Notions of infinity which can't be expressed are it, for it is the truth of the groundless existence, from which anything is derived. Simply because Nothing is, there isn't anything that can surpass it. 

Of course, all of the statements above, which may or may not give you ideas about the incomprehensibility and infinite nature of its power and existence, are actually still statements. Since they are statements, they cannot be said to truly apply to it, or apply to it at all, or even not apply to it at all. Thus, the only apt way to describe it would be by using nothing (itself, as seen above). For nothing is the lack of inherent and or logical, and sensical existence. Nothing is the explanation of dependent origination. And from nothing, an infinite array of things may be said. That is what Nothing may seemingly be, but most likely isn't, probably is, but truely may never be solved. Even this entire page is but a bastardization of the true explanation of it which does not exist, probably does not exist, probably does not NOT exist, does not NOT NOT exist, everything in between not in between, in-categorizable, and even everything (in)expressable, even the previous statement contradicts itself an infinite amount of times, for eternity, making the true meaning inaccessible to anything, everything, and all things, creating a true, absolute ultimatum of true unstoppability, for which Nothing is truly insurpassable, in any cosmology, any form of logic, any form of sense, nonsense, just, ANYTHING. Thus, the true meaning of Nothing is infinitely beyond the comprehension of mankind and all species and even the gods themselves. Meaning that no mortal or immortal being can ever comprehend the unlimited mysteries and ways of Nothing. Not even omnipotent beings can comprehend its ways, making Nothing an inaccessible mystery for every one of the infinite variations of eternity, forever meaningless.

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