A monogon is a two-dimensional polygon with a single edge. In Euclidean space, it is degenerate, with the edge being of zero length and the shape having no area, but it can exist as a tiling of the circle with the edge taking up the whole circle. Another name for it is henagon.

All monogons are regular, because they only have one vertex and one edge.

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\{1\} \{2\} \{3\} \{4\} \{5\} \{6\} \{7\} \{8\} \{9\} \{10\} ... \{\aleph_0\}
Monogon Digon Triangle Square Pentagon Hexagon Heptagon Octagon Enneagon Decagon ... Apeirogon
t_0 \{1\}
t_1 \{1\}
t_{0,1} \{1\}
Monogon Monogon Digon

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