A monogon is a two-dimensional polygon with a single edge. In Euclidean space, it is degenerate, with the edge being of zero length and the shape having no area, but it can exist as a tiling of the circle with the edge taking up the whole circle.

All monogons are regular, because they only have one vertex and one edge.

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\{1\} \{2\} \{3\} \{4\} \{5\} \{6\} \{7\} \{8\} \{9\} \{10\} ... \{\aleph_0\}
Monogon Digon Triangle Square Pentagon Hexagon Heptagon Octagon Enneagon Decagon ... Apeirogon
t_0 \{1\}
t_1 \{1\}
t_{0,1} \{1\}
Monogon Monogon Digon

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