Holomanga's unreality scale is one way of sorting verses, by placing them on a scale with less real things (or containers that include less real things) being assigned higher values. Points on the scale are marked on the projective surreal line.


Between 0 and 1 represent things that are real, with 0 corresponding to true immediate reality (the Universe) and 1 corresponding to the level of things that are real but arbitarily implausible (contained within the Omniverse). Things between 0 and 1 are said to exist in Reality.

Paradox Space

Above 1 represent things that are not real, including paradoxes and other impossible things that can't exist within the Omniverse. At around 1 are things that are almost real, save for a single minor contradiction or flaw. At the higher levels, things become less and less real, with greater and even more unresolvable paradoxes. Things greater than 1 are said to exist in Paradox Space.

Structures that contain everything below a certain level of unreality are known as real omniverses. One containing all entities with a reality level below 2 is called the Real Omniverse.

Unthinkable Reality

At the far end of the scale, at ∞, is things that are infinitely unreal. The Box contains everything less real than this, so on the whole it can be said to have an unreality level of ∞.