A hexagon is a 2-dimensional polygon with six edges. The Bowers acronym for a hexagon is hig. It is one of the regular polygons that can tile 2-D space forming the hexagonal tiling, unlike pentagons, which cannot tile the plane. Hexagons have the greatest numbers of edges and angles of any regular polygon that can tile the plane.


Dynkin symbols for the hexagon include:

  • x6o (regular)
  • x3x (ditrigon)
  • ho3oh&#zx (triambus)
  • xu ho&#zx (rectangle symmetry)
  • xux&#xt
  • ohho&#xt

Structure and Sections

The regular hexagon has equal edge lengths and each angle as 120 degrees. It can be seen as a truncated triangle.


  • vertex count = 6
  • edge length = 6l
  • surface area = \frac{3\sqrt{3}}{2} {l}^{2}



  • Vertex radius: l
  • Edge radius: \frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}l


  • Vertex angle: 120º

Vertex coordinates

The vertex coordinates of a regular hexagon of side 2 are:

  • (±1,±√3)
  • (±2,0)

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