Existence contains an infinite amount of Boxes including all the gods whom believed that they have no multiple copies of themselves. Existence has no limits, no surface, no end, and no ceiling. The only creator who is above all is Existence itself, and it doesn't care about anything.

  • The Box can't connect to another Boxes, means that The Aspect Lords have no knowledge of Existence or other boxes.
  • There is a possibility that Existence is contained by another larger verse called Endless that is the backyard of said Existence.
  • The verse holds all the memories of the non-living and the living, whoever managed to be the chosen can enter this verse once and forever be here, the chosen will be able to see every imagination, every memory, every dream, and everything from everyone and everything until the end. All of the chosen's histories will be wiped out completely from the memories connected to the chosen.
  • The verse contains the Paraspace which is the biggest type of space, proposed by AarexWikia04.

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