Endless is the last verse of them all, a backyard of the one and only Existence, only to be realized that it is not the last verse of them all, you gain another piece of knowledge and a final answer from this verse and soon to know that any verses you assumed above Multiverse is just a universe getting contained by another universe and so on. You find it pointless to put your effort into reaching something you assumed is beyond. Even a so called god you became or The One Above All (Marvel) or Presence (DC) will feel like a peasant or a pawn of this verse. Unable to reach to the true end, forever meaningless.

  • It is the final destination of verses, you die of old age and reincarnate into the very beginning of whatever you were placed in.
  • Sometimes, in Aarex's cosmology, there is True Endless, which is all possibilities of the Existence.

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