This is the Cosmology Tier page: here we rank the highest and the lowest -verses and other structures.

Multiple possible cosmologies exist thanks to the Law of Cosmological Subjectivity. Each one has its own section below.

Anybody who is authorized or is an administrator gets their own official section on this page, other than that, users can feel free to create their own blog posts.

Second Soup's merged cosmology

  • The Box: Highest possible or impossible level.
  • Altarca: Sealed portions of the Box with different structures than seen below.
    • The Barrelplex: This wiki's "local" altarca, containing the structure seen below, including the Barrel and its contents.
  • Beyond: A form of higher-order nonspace holding monocosms.
  • Monocosm: A self-contained pocket of Outside holding some quantity of large-scale -verses.
    • The Barrel: The "local" monocosm used for most of the work on the wiki, unless otherwise specified. Contains an omniverse, two godverses, and the Outside in between them.
  • The Outside: The extradimensional nonspace forming the region within the Barrel disconnected from the -verses below.
  • Godverses: These two structures orbit the omniverse - one houses Creator, the other Destroyer.
  • Omniverse: Largest possible -verse. Infinitely high up in the archverse chain and is really more of a "direction" one approaches by counting, like a very large ordinal. Infinite group of highest-level archverses.
  • Highest-level Archverse: one level below Omniverse. Infinite group of lower-level archverses.
  • Archverse: two levels below Omniverse. Infinite group of lower-level archverses.
  • Archverse: three levels below Omniverse. Infinite group of lower-level archverses.
  • ...
  • Archverse: one level above megaverse. Infinite group of megaverses.
  • Megaverse: infinite group of multiverses and paraverses.
  • Multiverse: large finite, or infinite, group of universes and pocket universes.

Tonybalongna's Absolute Cosmology

  • Nothing: >̔ͫͭ̎͏̞̰̠X̴̩͖̰͍̩̯̪́̄(͉̳͍̋̔ͪͬͧ͠*̇$̷̫#̤̘͈͙̎ͭ̓̿͠@̳̳̫̫̩̦̙́ͮ%̷̟̖̬ͮ͛̓̊ͣ̽͌N̝̱͍͓͇ͣ͌ͥ̍̾͊̋!̜̼̯̫͕̇̿ͬ͂̓͒(̇̅*̼̝ͫ͑ͧ͐͡N͇̮ͧͩ̽̐ͫ$̲̝ͨͨ̍͆͌̃͆!̗͓̯̌ͪ͋̚̕S̻̭̣͎̗̹M̱͓͈̿͒̓̓̀ͭ(̵͔͎̄͊$̓̐Z̰̑̓N̘̩̘̂ͤ͆̀̒́!͎̬̜ͮ̅͊ͩ(̣͇͖̬̞͚̪͟$҉̟͚̣͕̻̘F͎ͯͦ́͋
  • The Structure Of Everything: The name used to describe the structure in which something contains another thing lower than itself, The Box is still a part of this.
  • The Box: The ultimatum of all existing and nonexistent altarcae. If you can, or can't think of something, it's in the box. Cantor's absolute infinity can be assigned to it.
  • Altarca: Alternate cosmological routes leading up to the box. Some don't lead up to the box at all but instead are contained at an inaccessible barrier an infinite amount of distance away.
    • The Barrelplex: The wiki's set of altarcae, however, this is an altarca itself.
  • Transcendentem: The sum of every beyond-bubble. Theta (an inaccessible transfinite number) can be assigned to it.
  • Beyond: Contains a variable amount of omniverses and godverses. Beyond contains most altarcae, the altarcae that aren't contained are present in their own bubbles throughout The Unimaginable. Epsilon naught can be assigned to it.
  • Monocosm: The name for any standard verse hierarchy leading up to Beyond, our local monocosm contains the omniverse, the two godverses, and beyond. This can vary, though, since there are an infinite number of monocosms in the box. Each monocosm can have different properties, leading different types of verses to be created within it, or even some verses not even being able to be born at all. Omega can be assigned to every monocosm.
  • Godverse: Home to Creator and Destroyer, there are two in most altarcae. The godverses don't contain any lower verses.
  • Omniverse: Contains every archverse. Omniverses are cosmology transcendent, meaning that any laws of a smaller verse do not affect it at all. aleph null can be assigned to it.
  • Ultraverse: Container of archverses, can still be contained by a larger archverse. (usually an archverse at 1,000,001+) Most ultraverses contain around 1,000,000 archverses. Ultraverses can be assigned to every millionth natural number.
  • Archverse: Placeholder name for any verses above Megaverse. Each archverse can be assigned to a natural number.
  • Megaverse: Contains many Multiverses, can have different properties leading to multiverses with different properties, leading to different types of laws inside of these multiverses, making their cosmologies different.
  • Multiverse: Every possible outcome of one universe. Each outcome is located in a different universe within a multiverse, and some multiverses have completely new events aswell. Each multiverse created can have different properties, leading for different type of universes to be born.
  • Universe: Hyper-cosmic bubble of an indefinite size containing several hyper-intergalactic structures. Some universes can expand, some don't. Some universes don't even have the opportunity to be born at all.
  • Supercluster: Contains tens of thousands of galaxies
    • Supergalaxy: End state of a supercluster when every galaxy in that supercluster has coalesced into one
  • Galaxy cluster: Contains hundreds of galaxies
  • Galaxy group: Contains dozens of galaxies
  • Galaxy: Can contain up to 100 billion solar systems
  • Solar System: Structure with at least 3 planets and 1 (possibly) habitable planet orbiting a large interstellar mass, usually a star, can be a Black hole.

MatthewandMario's cosmologies

  • Nothing:
  • The Box: Highest set ever, containing every conceivable and inconceivable idea ever.
  • Beyond: Indescribable "space" beyond all existence.
  • Godverse: Spiritual Realms exceeding all logic and Reality.
  • Omniverse: Transfinite space containing or connecting all of existence.
  • Ultraverse: Collection of almost every single megaverse, realm, dimension in existence.
  • Megaverse: Group of Multiverse's
  • Multiverse: Group of Universe's
  • Universe: A single reality with a certain set of physical properties.
  • Universe (ours): Where we live.
  • Supercluster: Cluster of Galaxies
  • Galaxy: a system of millions or billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction.
  • Interstellar Neighborhood:
  • Solar System
  • Planet.

Holomanga's Twin Cosmology

Unthinkable Reality

  • The Box - Top level container containing everything

Paradox Space

  • [...]
  • The Barrelplex and Altarcae
  • [...]
  • Transcendentem - Extracosmological barrier seperating monocosms, maintained by natural and artificial omnipotence
  • [...]
  • The Barrel and Monocosms
  • Beyond
  • Outside
  • [...]
  • Polyverse - Contains multiple complimentary infinite collections of godverses that add to zero
  • Godverse versorts - Tiers of collections of godverses
  • Godverse - Infinite collections of omniverses with similar epistemic definitions
  • Omniverse versorts - Tiers of collections of omniverses
  • Omniverse - Top of the hierarchy, contains all of reality


  • [...]
  • Infinite hierarchy of Archverses, each a collection of ~ℵn of the previous tier
  • [...]
  • Gigaverse - Multiple megaverses (~ℵ3)
  • Megaverse - Multiple multiverses (~ℵ2)
  • Multiverse - Multiple universes (~ℵ1)
  • Universe cohorts - Small collections of universes
  • Universe - Single timelike connected region of space



  • Virtual particle
  • [...]
  • Quantum - The smallest units, able to be arranged to create any self-consistent structure


  • [...]
  • Paradox quantum - Units smaller than quanta, so small that is is possible to arrange them in paradoxical ways


Aarex's fan-on cosmologies

  • The Box: The biggest thing of everything.
  • Omniverse: The reality.
  • Hyperverse: A simulation verse, and it's sum of all metaverses in the hyperverse.
  • Archverse: Biggest multiverse tier, group of smaller-level archverses.
  • Archverse: 2nd biggest multiverse tier, group of smaller-level archverses.
  • ...
  • Yottaverse: 8th smallest multiverse tier, group of zettaverses.
  • Zettaverse: 7th smallest multiverse tier, group of exaverses.
  • Exaverse: 6th smallest multiverse tier, group of petaverses.
  • Petaverse: 5th smallest multiverse tier, group of teraverses.
  • Teraverse: 4th smallest multiverse tier, group of gigaverses.
  • Gigaverse: 3rd smallest multiverse tier, group of megaverses.
  • Megaverse: 2nd smallest multiverse tier, group of multiverses.
  • Xenoverse: Groups of metaverses.
  • Multiverse: Smallest multiverse tier which contain the universes.
  • Metaverse: The virtual-reality space, interacting with computer-generated.
  • Universe: The reality matter group we known.
  • Universe (ours): The universe we live.
  • Turtlies: Subgroup of universes with layers. It can be different shape, contains of, and extra dimensions.

BeyonderGodOmnipotent's Tiers

Alemagno12's Cosmology


Hunter Wizard's whatever cosmologies

  • ---- Probably the most ridiculous theory below. ----

ThisWriter's Cosmology

It pretends to contain the not so humble properties of being coherent with what we intuit, believe, feel and seem to observe about our reality as well as to be able to include any and all fantasy at the same time while being able to relate them to each other and maintain a measure of coherence. In other words, it tries to point out the obvious using made up and important looking words.

Basic or Top Level concepts or elements, also known as ThisWriter's Top Cosmology

  • Omniumverse - The set of our real cosmology plus all of the fantasy
  • Realium - Our own reality and whatever cosmology it is part of (could be just our single universe)
  • Imaginarium - All of fantasy including all invented cosmologies and such (like those listed on this page)
  • Great Barrier - The border between reality and fantasy
  • Imaginatas - Each Imaginata is an imagined or believed reality inside the Imaginarium which can have its own Cosmology
  • Cosmology - It is the name given to the large scale organizing structure of both the Realium and any Imaginata, usually taking some hierarchical form but not necessarily

Cheetahs' cosmology hierarchy thing

  • The Box - The Box is the largest imaginable or unimaginable set, and contains every concept, idea, reality, altarca, and anything beyond it. It even contains itself an infinite amount of times, and structures claimed to be larger than it (unless they've been defined strongly enough).

Unreality Tier 

  • The Box
  • Altarca - A Cosmological hierarchy that can have any structure, such as this one.
  • Transcendentem - The barrier that encompasses every iteration of beyond.
  • Beyond - The "space" that monocosms are held in.
  • Monocosm - A collective group that holds an omniverse and its nearest Godverses. The "space" that exists throughout a monocosm is known as the Outside.
  • Godverse - Areas of unreality that surround an omniverse. Believed to be home to omnipotent cosmic entities.
  • Omniverse - A Cosmology transcendent space that contains all realities that are of equal "reality level", and is widely considered the supremum to the archverse hierarchy. 

Archversal Tier 

  • Omniverse
  • ...
  • Ultraverse - Cohort of extremely high-level archverses, often so high that any prefix needed to denote its name would have no discernible difference with a successor or predecessor archverse.
  • ...
  • Archverse - Iterations of "infinite sets" of a universe. One may place archverses at sets such as aleph or beth cardinals (for my cosmology, the latter, as a power set defines every subset of one set), or view an archverse as a stack of flat "branes", which are smaller archverses. Typically, the naming system of archverses uses metric prefixes after mega- (Gigaverse, Teraverse, Petaverse, Exaverse, Zettaverse, Yottaverse, and so on. Ones after yottaverse use extended systems.)
  • ...
  • Megaverse - Considered to be an "infinite set of multiverses". As infinity times infinity is still infinity, one must take advantage of sets or dimensions in order to define a megaverse, and all following nested archverses.
  • Multiverse - An infinite set of all possible permutations of a universe, generally considered to be other parallel universes with their own timelines, laws, and objects.
  • Universe cohort - A finite collection of (generally closely related) universes.  
  • Universe - An independent, self-contained infinite or finite area of spacetime with some amount of dimensions, physical and mathematical laws, and usually holds matter and energy within.

Physical Tier

  • Universe
  • ...
  • Googological region - An arbitrarily large spherical area of a Universe that encompasses an area of googologically large proportions. Light from the edge of the sphere often never reaches an observer in the center.
  • ...
  • Observable universe - The spherical area of a universe that a being is able to observe and study. The limit of the farthest regions one can be able to see is the maximum distance light would have travelled to an observer within the age of a universe, the "particle horizon". Every being has their own observable universe and is the center of their observable universe.
  • ...
  • Turtlie - An arbitrarily large collection of galaxies. Can contain smaller turtlies.
  • ...
  • Supercluster complex
  • Supercluster
  • Galaxy cluster
  • Galaxy
  • ...

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