• Cheetahrock63


    This’ll be useful when we get to Part IX of the Hypercomplex Blog series I have in the van.

    The ordered field of Conway’s surreal numbers are an awesome and very beautiful number system, containing all the real numbers, the ordinals, and some rather oddball numbers that make no sense in either such as and Veblen function==

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  • Cheetahrock63

    With a clear definition of a universe and multiverse that allows so, you may optionally generate an indefinitely (or arbitrarily, if you want to stop somewhere or if it gets stuck) large hierarchy of ever increasing -verses that contain universes and multiverses. Typically the next structure is called a multimultiverse or megaverse and the structures created from the hierarchy are (in this community) usually called archverses and they can be indexed with elements of a collection. Usually this collection is the ordered set of naturals, the ordered set of countable ordinals, the ordered class of ordinals, or the ordered class of positive surintegers. This blog post is mostly focused on ordinals as indices, they're fancy labels for plenty of thin…

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  • Polyhedron69

    Gmail sucks

    July 26, 2018 by Polyhedron69

    My email was removed for no reason, so I'll have to make a new discord account

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  • Cheetahrock63

    Glossary to establish common ground for V&D users everywhere, prevent ambiguity when referencing terms and to make ThisWriter smile a little. This glossary is meant to cover mostly the fictional side of the wiki. It might get its own page sooner or later if the admins agree. If anyone has suggestions on how to handle this, please comment below. Apologies if I'm sounding a lot less coherent and a lot more muddled, I'm really tired and also rushing.


    Used to denote a plane


    Used to denote a realm


    Used to denote a verse


    Abstract realm




    As Above, so Below




    Big Bang



    Classical mechanical universe

    Closed universe

    Compact dimension

    Cosmic entity




    Dark energ…

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  • Lord Aspect

    LA's Box

    July 20, 2018 by Lord Aspect

    Box (my definition) is the supreme level. To describe it i made four rules:

    • At least one Altarca in the Box contains X (X may stand even for "Tony's Nothing")
    • At least one Altarca in the Box contains a thing that even True Omnipotence cannot create.
    • The Box is above True Omnipotence and anything higher.
    • At least one Altarca contains entire Box and is contained by Box.
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  • MatthewandMario

    Thank you all for the great support of V&D wiki!

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  • Lord Aspect


    May 29, 2018 by Lord Aspect

    Infinitiy is a number (or not) that has no end. Infinity means Not Finite, so, Infinity is actually not finite. Lord Aspect defined some tiers of Infinity.

    Tier 1 Infinity is a start of all infinities. First infinity is N0 (Aleph Null) aka ω (Omega). Technically, some numbers are literally after it, despite all infinites are meant to be equal (long to explain).

    These tiers are calculated from the value of number, that this tier represents. T = IN№ - ω + 1, where IN№ is a infinity, we need to classify, and T is tier number.


    • ω + 1 (Tier 2)
    • ω + 10 (Tier 11)

    These tiers can be calculated by another formula, native to previous. For first, you have to dissolve a number into a set of similliar numbers multiplying. For example: 3ω = ω + ω + ω. …

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  • Addemup9001

    A future timeline I've made over the course of the past week or so.


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  • Lord Aspect

    Idk if someone on this wiki already came to same idea.

    So, Neuroversal Civilization, is a civilization, manipulating a Neuroverse. Neuroverse is a artificial Metaverse, where entire population of this civilization exists as a digital projection. Those civilizations may be existing at the last stages of Universe's existence, if they could not conquer or reach another Universe. N.C. are using the energy of black holes (energy from their Hawking Radiation) to power the entire system. I am not sure how they would use miserful ammount of this energy to power up a Neuroverse, but nothing impossible prevents civilization from taking control over multiple black holes, to obtain more energy, that possibly will be enough to power a Neuroverse.


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  • Holomanga

    Recommended Textbook: Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering; Riley, Hobson and Bence, Chapters 1 and 3

    Okay so the first bullet point is Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions; complex numbers. This is all one bullet point, for some reason, though I guess it's somewhat understandable.

    The two big trigonometric functions are sine and cosine, written as . Read more >
  • Holomanga

    So, recently I learned that there is a standard undergraduate physics list of topics, called the Core of Physics and set by IoP.

    Luckily, I know like half of that shit on there, and handily, there's a bunch of bullet points that each give convenient topic headings.

    This means, of course, that I can churn out shitty blog posts, one to a heading, and when this is complete, we will all have degrees on this blessed day.

    It's go time.

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  • Polyhedron69

    I'm going to start posting hypothetical scenarios. Such as future of humanity,what if,future event,etc. I'll call it Polyhedron's Hypothetical Scenarios or PHS for short. If you have any ideas for one let me know and I might just make one on it.👍 This is not to be offensive if any one has a problem with one of mine I will take it down.

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  • StillNotOriginal

    I told you, this was low quality. Why'd you click it?

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  • Lord Aspect

    Cycle of Everything is a way to arrange stuff in cosmology into one endless loop. This loop works like this: largest thing is contained by something small, while something small is contained by this same largest thing. All of this loops to beyond infinity.

    If a cosmology has this loop, it's both highest and lowest tiers would definitely be Cycle of Everything.

    P.S. i did that so we can recreate C.o.E. page, using better definition.

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  • Lord Aspect

    I decided to do smth with my first cosmology, to make it be explained better than just "a thing that contains another thing and contained by thinga". And it's now entire multicosmological system. Prepare to dye.

    Universe is a bubble of space time that holds something in it. 

    This is a fraction of universe, that we are able to see in our telescopes. Light from beyond O.U. havent reached us yet, so, we are not able to see what may hide in it.

    Simply, Observable Universe + everything else before interdimensional void and other Universes. Full Universe is the entirety of our bubble of space time.

    Multiverse is a 4D set of many universes. We are not sure about it's size. It could be less than 10^100 lightyears, but could exceed even Rayo's Number. …

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  • Lord Aspect

    Yeah, my old cosmology still lives as my current, but i have second one. Probably will merge them into one single cosmology. My second cosmology is The Floor Hypothesis. TFH describes reality as a set of 7 floors, with each next being harder to access than previous one.

    All the floors are surpassed by the A B 0 V 3.

    Those floors are floors.

    First Floor contains regular reality, as we know it. The 3-dimensional space. Many universes are here. First floor contains (mostly) physical things. It is also known as Multiverse.

    Second Floor contains unimaginable (well, for us) 4-dimensional space. This one is right above First Floor. It is also known as Megaverse

    Third Floor contains 5-dimensional space. Third Floor aka Gigaverse

    6-d floor aka Teraverse


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  • Polyhedron69


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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Connectivity: a poem about humanity written by human or at least someone who thinks they are human




    does it mean to be human?

    Does it mean to exist within a body of flesh, blood and bone, completely devoid of a spiritual component?

    Or is it more like a state of mind, a psychological position on a graph which elludes our understanding?

    Why do we dream? Why do we sleep?

    Questions which may never be answered but to whom we always return

    Return suggests that we have been somewhere before, but what place does this refer to?

    Is it purely metaphorical and symbolic realm devoid of all physicals passions, scents and meanings?

    Or is it actually there albeit out of our grasp for we have not yet completed this eternal road trip called life?


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  • Planetn9ne

    Based off of Alemango’s version

    All things up to

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  • Vitorriq

    Vitorriq's Cosmology

    April 22, 2018 by Vitorriq

    After a long time thinking. Here is my updated, complete and complex fictional cosmology. Hope you like it. You may want to ask questions.

    There are only two kingdoms, which are aspects of one, they call the same of Essence-Omnion, the first being "unmanifested pre-manifestation of unlimited possibilities" and the second being "manifestation of unlimited possibilities."

    Any attempt to describe, define, understand, imagine, and relate to their nature is only an empty and meaningless attempt. What is understandable would be that within Omnion there are an unlimited number of spheres and other forms of existence.

    Omnion is not a physical place where an object can be, even because it is the physical, spiritual, mystical, conceptual union, and so …

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  • Addemup9001

    Hey, I'm Addemup, and this is part 1 of an in-depth explanation of my cosmology. In this first entry, we're going to be looking at the local Multiverse that, according to my cosmology, contains our very own Universe.

    Contrary to what many early multi-universal civilizations might think, the Multiverse is not infinite in size. In fact, none of the archverses are truly infinite in size. According to the Multiversal Council of Cosmic Entities (or MCCE), the local 5+2 dimensional Multiverse contains exaclty seventy factorial (approximentaly 1.19786 * 10^100) universes, each one of them having a dimensionality of 3+1. This means that the Multiverse doesn't  contain every possible universe, but there's still a likely chance that you'll find your f…

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  • Polyhedron69

    Digital Cities are a hypothetical scenario that may happen in the near future. Digital Cities are enhanced virtual reality where the person is in a simulated environment fully controlling themselves in it without moving there real physical body. A person inside a digital city can interact with others but it is far more realistic then any modern 2018 virtual reality interactions. In fact the person might believe they are in reality. This how ever would seem more a dystopian way of life. As it is the rejection and reality of life that the users are doing. Real world cities would be almost vacant as many would just go to virtual cities for a better experience. Either way Utopia or Dystopia well I can't give you the answer for as life though a…

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  • Holomanga

    Polyhedron69 has posted a very interesting blog post on the future of humanity, including transhumanism, posthumanism, and a speculative ultimohumanism. It’s a great blog post, and it’s recommended reading for this blog post.

    I propose a different, but similar metric of x-humanism: where they are in mindspace.

    Mindspace is an imaginary space in which minds lie. A “mind” is anything that produces models of the world and then performs actions based on predictions from that model; almost all humans have minds, as well as animals, and some artificial intelligences. Minds that are similar to each other are nearby in mindspace, and minds that are far away from each other are far away in mindspace.

    A map of mindspace is to the left. You might notice…

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  • EpicHBchamp

    I said I might make a cosmology and got some encouraging comments and it has been a while since i've been here, so yeah I ended writing down a very farfetched and strange cosmology, so here we go...

    1. Universe: An average bubble of spacetime.

    2.Voidshape: An area of dark matter, very little antimatter and dark energy swarming around universes.

    3. Infinityspace: Far out from the voidshape, an area containing the voidshape consisting of random and disorganized matter.

    4.Continuum space: An outer area of Infinityspace consisting of all possibilities, (everything that is physically possible can be found here)

    --- Here is when it starts to get weird ---

    5. The Spaceless & The Timeless: Two areas equal in size surrounding Infinityspace and continuum …

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  • Polyhedron69
    • Version 2.0
    • Woah! First version 1.0 was a complete mess! This version 2.0 isn't a finished version, it's just me fixing spelling errors, fixing a Tier error, and adding a few things. Version 3.0 will focus on me doing the verse chain,Extending a few "sentences", and fixing any potential Errors I missed in this version.
    • Also if a messed up on something let me know. Thanks -Polyhedron69

    Nothing: Not really sure if Nothing exists.

    The Box: Everything you see,you here,feel,smell,

    Altarca:Sealed areas of The Box.

    Transcendentem Continuum: Every Transcendentem in a huge collective group.

    Transcendentem: Contains Sets of Beyond Bubbles.

    The Beyond: A large unthinkable space outside of The Barrel (our local Monocosm) also holding many Monocosms.

    Monocosm: …

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  • Polyhedron69

    Trans Humanism:

    Trans Humanism is the belief that humans may be enhanced though technology such as genetics to enhance human body capabilities and functions. Many Transhumanist want to apply the thinking for future development to stop disease by enhancing the human body to be more stronger. They also want to achieve immortality. It is predicted that in future years Transhumanism will dominant the earth. If this were true birth and death will slow down.

    Post Humanism:

    Post Humanism is very similar to Trans Humanism. However the two are not the same as Trans Humanism aims to modify a human while post humanism is basically becoming not human. Post Humanism focusses on cybernetics. Post Humanists will evolve into something not even human. Posibal…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    In my cosmology the unit-foam is a realm which is  made up of an infinite number of units, each in an infinite number of possible states which constantly fluctuate between different states. When enough of these states are balanced i.e. they are equal the form regulator will the collection of units which are in balance with each other and turn the abstract collection of units into a concrete object or entity. When different states fluctuate in the unit-foam these fluctuations are boosted in the quantum foam and thus the quantum foam acts as a kind of magnifying glass for the underlying unit foam. Normally the fluctuations received by the quantum foam will be to small to detect or have any meaningful results but in some rare cases a fluctuat…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    The next stage of my cosmology is going beyond abstract unit graphs by introducing something I call a form regulator.

    A form regulator is a type of function which maps a particular set of properties such as height, weight, mass etc. to a unit graph; this gives the graph a concrete physical existence.

    Form regulators exist outside of all variations and permutations of reality as they are purely meta-abstract functions which are programmed by higher godlike beings (meta-dimensional programmers) to carry out a particular set of instructions. The instructions used for programming form regulators are inputed using a device known as an instruction-keyboard which acts in the exact same way as a computer keyboard; only the input keys on the instruct…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    In this post I will be continuing the theme of complexity defined in the 1st part of this series of blogs; particuarly in relation to how complexity relates to the history of the history of humanity.

    If history has told us anything it's that the more you try to predict about the future the less you'll get right and the further into the future you go the more outdated your views will be; accept of course for well established facts such as climate change, the holocaust and vaccines but we'll get into that later. When we first started out on this corrupt blue and green ball of death we were completely useless, extremely unintelligent savages which through a stroke of luck developed into the most advanced and sophisticated species on the planet…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Well here goes my very own cosmology or rather my very own fictional cosmology since as far as I can tell what I'm describing isn't real; of course since anything could be possible this is a certain chance that what I'm describing could be the true structure of reality but I seriously doubt that it is. Nonetheless here is the first part of my cosmology as I describe the basic building block of my cosmology, the unit or element. A unit or element is an abstract point of information which comprises the basic building blocks of all reality; however units aren't points as one might of points as even Euclidean points are made up of units. At their core units represent the basic building blocks of information and without them nothing can exist s…

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  • Digitaldreamers18

    Grand Existence - Levels of Reality and Universe The Grand Existence - Levels of Verse, Dimensions and Realm

    Welcome I am quite interested in this website's contents and subjects - about our reality , Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse and The Box .I was a mere visitor of this site for some times.But now I want to be participator in this vast subject.Pardon my amateur handling of such a complex subject, for any error . Please Comment about my Views.

    Introduction Levels of Reality and Verse -

    A) Micro Levels -

    I) Sub Plank Scale/Sub Quantum Levels - 1) Hyper Void,2) Super Void,3) Void,4) Sub Void,5) Points,6) Blops,7) Sub Blops

    II) Plank Scale/ Quantum Levels -

    8) Quantum Landscape,9) Membrane,10)Strings,11) Lower Sub-Atomic Particles (Gluons, Qu…

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  • Faz Mapping

    Declaration of War

    April 3, 2018 by Faz Mapping

    Attention Verse and Dimension users, one of your users has attacked several wiki as, we demand you block him for this, we are unsure who he is. He is skillful at what he does, we demand you find him or the Mapping Community goes to war.

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  • ThisWriter

    No, this is not about contradicting my previous blog on this topic. Instead I'll try to explain and make some things clearer.

    There are lots of ways to go beyond the Box but one way is not like the others.

    When I came to this community I was interested in posting my world-building experiments and was looking for what would be mainly a world-building community interested in exploring the cosmological scales. That is why I stayed on this community, it looked to be exactly that.

    I'm much more interested in that fictional part of the wiki than on the geometry information, although its all interested and the topics are still things I do enjoy. They just are not the reason why I came and not my focus while I'm here either.

    So, I'm here with a mindse…

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  • ThisWriter

    I have been validely criticized about my liberal usage of the word "universe" to mean things very different from our universe. So here is my attempt at defining these words in a little bit more precise way to avoid confusions. At least in the way that I use them. I'm not trying to mandate these definitions into anyone else.

    Verse has been used on the wiki as a generic word for any type of cosmological structure that relates (is similar enough) to the universe as we know it at least in some way.

    This word is usually in conjunction with a prefix which usually indicates at what level in the cosmology the structure exists. That is what originates words like Universe, Multiverse, Megaverse, Archverse, Omniverse and many others. They simply indica…

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  • Chronolegends
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  • 2190NWDNnwdnin392kjQqiqons92-29.jpg

    The Turing-Verse is a verse in which there exists an infinite number of working Turing machines, as idealized in a physical manifestation as they were when Alan Turing first conceived of them

    Unlike many other verses, the Turing-Verse is not designed solely for one purpose, instead, it is simply a verse which contains more of one item, (in this case a Turing Machine), than other verses. In the same way an outside observer could call our verse a "light-verse" due to the abundance of stars and light emanating from them, an observer to the Turing-Verse will note that Turing Machines are used extensively in almost every facet of common life, judicial procedures, and even recreation!, but that there are many other facets of life to investigate.


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  • ThisWriter

    As above so below

    March 21, 2018 by ThisWriter

    This is a concept that can be seen as another cosmological law. Its name pretty much says it all.

    It appears as somewhat of a generalization of the concepts of Microverse and Macroverse. Basically it says that whatever can exist at any level of the Cosmological Scale, can also exist at another level, both higher or lower.

    Any structure with property X can be defined at any level of that scale. It can be defined as being a universe, a multiverse or a omniverse. Property X, no matter what it is, has no influence on the level on which the structure is defined.

    As a small list of examples:

    • Solar Systems form structures like galaxies and galaxy clusters inside universes but universes can also easily form similar structures inside multiverses and mu…
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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X
    • Warning complicated chemistry terms ahead*

    Nanotechnology traces its contempary history back to the late great Professor Richard Feyman in his then mostly ignored 1959 lecture at Caltech titled; "There's Plenty of Room at The Bottom". In this lecture Feynman put forth the idea that a process albeit one in the not to distant future could be developed as a means to control individual atoms and molecules; furthermore he believed that this technology would revolutionise modern chemistry and by extension allow for radical progress in such fields as materials science and civil engineering. Although Feynman's ideas became increasingly popular with Science Fiction writers it wasn't until 1986 when K Erik Drexler released his "Engines of Creation" d…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Have any of you ever thought about just how absurd reality really is?

    I know I have but then again I'm the kind of person who thinks about these kinds of questions.

    I mean take for instance counting one of the if not the simplest mathematical action one can take.

    How the heck did the relatively simple action of counting out pebbles on the ground lead to such diverse fields as algebraic topology and complex analysis?

    How is that the simple action of worshipping anscestor spirits evolved into such diverse religions and religious organisations  as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Discordianism, Mormonism, Scientology, Thelema, Pastafarianism, Jediism, Theosophy, Rosicrusianism, Rastafarianism, Raelism and Freemasonry?


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  • ThisWriter

    I'm writing this blog post because I'm in disagreement with the new vision of the Box that is starting to form.

    Before the Box was the uncontested accepted top level structure of everything. Now some people are starting to accept the existence of some structures outside of it and I disagree with it. I was asked not to change the page of the Box to change this aspect of it so I'm putting my vision of all this on this blog post.

    When I came to this wiki I already had my own cosmology which included my own top level structure: the Omniumverse. Instead of falling back into that game of trying to out-beat everything else with it, after looking at the Box I've realized something, they could be seen as being the same thing, only described from a di…

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  • Chrisytpisback

    Our own creations

    March 16, 2018 by Chrisytpisback

    hi people.

    before the topic starts, i wanna tell you something. I'm upset of my article, which is The Pyramid, because it was marked by a purple square talking about the decision of deleting it, also it has a category, also i know now that people claimed that The Box is biggest or even infinite long time ago. That's why i posted this post to tell people, that they can change/remove a bit from my article or add something, change size, dimensions, type of it, etc. We can now create community sharing articles. They are about making article, and expanding, helping, changing it, and adding ideas.

    this will change many stuff in this wiki


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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    What do numbers really look like?

    By this I don't mean what do they look like in their numeralication representation but rather what they would look like on abstract, metaphysical level?

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    The omnipotence paradox is simply "can an omnipotent being create an object that is so heavy even they cannot lift it?"

    First of all we must asume that God or whatever omnipotent entity we are talking about is bound by the laws of logic.

    If God is able to lift the object which he cannot lift then he is deemed omnipotent.

    However if God cannot the lift object as mentioned in the question then he is deemed not omnipotent and hence unworthy of being God?

    However since God is omnipotent then we must asume that he or she can lift the stone but since the question says they couldn't lift the stone; how is it possible to be both omnipotent and limited?

    This creates a paradox in that God who is supposed to be all powerful and omnipotent cannot by the la…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Any suggestions as to the connection between this WIKI and Alfred Jarry's pataphysics?

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  • Xtreme Emperor


    March 12, 2018 by Xtreme Emperor

    Warlord is from the core of Reality Zero. He was Emperor of all Realities. He attempted to invade our dimension(Dimension Zero of Reality Zero). Can I add him. His info is here 

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  • Alper2006

    Why you had to disable notifications on All Dimensions Wikia???

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  • Lord Aspect

    This is my concept of entity that TTG is afraid to release, by destroying The Infinite Madness.  This is sort of "The True Devil", that has only 1 limit of killing TTG (affecting Nothing and Omniumverse are impossible for any entity, so, they are too obvious limits to be mentioned). Any opinions?

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  • Lord Aspect

    Some of theese cosmologies are nice and original. But some are simply unoriginal. I've seen many cosmologies that has The Box, Altarca, Monocosm, and other stuff from V&D wiki's most used "main" cosmology. I hope the community will get better with them

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  • Holomanga

    A hydrogen atom can be modeled as being made up of two point particles: a proton and an electron. These interact with each other electromagnetically (giving them potential energy), and also move around (giving them kinetic energy).

    This means that the total energy can be written as

    Just two operators left behind in it! We're almost there. We can separate out the wavefunction again, into an angular and a radial part.

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  • Alper2006


    February 22, 2018 by Alper2006

    I just missed here and came to say hi...

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