• Primussupremus

    The cosmic emperor was born during the infinitesimal period of the universe when the laws of magic and metaphysics governed. These laws were eventually overwritten by the laws of the physics just after the infinitesimal period ended , to remain alive The infinitesimal ones embedded their laws deep into the heart of reality resulting in various pocket universes emerging. When the emperor was 1/10th of a second old he emerged from his chrystalis within his Mothers womb emerging as an alien intelligence within an alien universe. Seeking to understand where he was the emperor the emperor travelled around the emptiness that was around him he did this until all the atoms had formed allowing him to form a physical structure for himself. The emper…

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  • Holomanga

    Surreal Verse Levels

    June 16, 2017 by Holomanga

    The most natural way to assign infinite numbers to verse levels is of course to use the surreal numbers. The surreal numbers are constructed by having a set of surreals on either side of a bracket. In basic terms, the surreal number obtained as a result is the simplest surreal between those two. As some examples,  - Beyond===

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  • Primussupremus

    Within the multiverse there are many universes that are not only teeming with life in sense of wildlife as we know it but also in the sense of everything from planets to stars being alive. The sentiverse as we will call it is sentient , fully conscious being in constant connection with all of its subaspects such as galaxies , stars , humans etc. Within the Sentiverse there are an infinite number of layers allowing for increasingly complex forms of life from single celled organisms to indescribable lifeforms and beyond. As the Sentiverse is a living being albeit with a much longer lifespan it requires a physical body for directly communicating with the lower life forms. This body resembles whatever species the Sentiverse is contacting for e…

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  • MatthewandMario

    The V&D wiki turns 1 today. Here's a list of those who made this wiki thrive:

    • Second_Soup
    • Holomanga
    • BeyonderGodOmnipotent (For creating the unique aesthetic)
    • Aerex
    • Tony
    • and Username5243 (for creating many of the articles on shapes)

    Thanks to all y'all amazing peepz!

    Let's see what crazy ideas are brought about for the next 12 months!

    MatthewandMario (talk) 17:01, June 14, 2017 (UTC)MatthewandMario

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  • Primussupremus

    As the master of the 5th wall is an eternal being who will exist forever and ever in some form or another and some of these forms have become quite famous while others not so much.

    Here is a list of some of the people , creatures and things the proctector has been over the years: Hal 9000 , R2d2 , a sandwich , the celestial toymaker , Jack kirby , king arthur , uncle sam , mark twain , The doctor , the planet gallifrey , a cube , a 400 dimensional hyper cone  and a base ball bat.

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  • Primussupremus

    Although the  Kardashev scale only goes up to level 3 on any officially recognized scale it is possible for civilizations beyond level 3 to exist  in fact it is highly likely that they exist but a level 5 doesn't in our universe as it is far too young for that too happen.  I will use the commonly accepted time frames for each level of the scale then predict when a type 4 might happen based on those time frames.

    Type 1 = 100 years ( unless Humanity stops global warming in less time that it is expected we will)

    Type 2 = 1000 - 10,000 years ( more likely 1000 years considering how fast technology is likely to advance after type 1 is fully achieved)

    Type 3 = 100,000 - 1000,000  years ( might be less than 100,000 years but probably around 100,000 …

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  • Primussupremus

    Trans is an incredibly powerful AI from the Googolplexth century Ad a time of godlike beings of incredible power capable of creating structures large enough to contain entire omniverses and more. Trans was built in the Googolth century by Maserio a genius scientist who had built a simulation of the history of the omniverse from start to finnish. The process of creating Trans took mere days but the technology required was omega dimensional meaning that it exists in a countably infinite number of spatial dimensions. When activated and anchored into the 3rd dimension Trans was unaware of its existence until its creator began to ask it questions such as , What is the meaning of life? When that happened Trans began to understand the nature of i…

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  • Primussupremus


    May 30, 2017 by Primussupremus

    A Phiverse is a universe whose dimensionality is phi , the golden ratio.

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  • Alemagno12

    EDIT 02/06/2017 (DD/MM/YYYY): I am now including Primussupremus' sub-quantum pixels idea into my cosmology, so this blog post won't recieve any more updates.

    • 0: Null
    • 1: Lower sub-elementary particle
    • 2: Lower sub-elementary particle
    • 3: Lower sub-elementary particle
    • ...
    • ω-3: Propertions
    • ω-2: Numbinions,
    • ω-1: Preons
    • ω: Quarks
    • ω+1: Nucleons
    • ω+2: Atomic Nucleus
    • ω+3: Atoms
    • ω+4: Molecules
    • ω+5: DNA
    • ω+6: Chromosomes
    • ω+7: Nucleus, other organelles
    • ω+8: Cell
    • ω+9: Tissue
    • ω+10: Organs
    • ω+11: Organ Systems
    • ω+12: Species

    • ω+13: Room
    • ω+14: House
    • ω+15: Town
    • ω+16: City
    • ω+17: County
    • ω+18: State
    • ω+19: Country
    • ω+20: Continent, Island, Moon
    • ω+21: Planet, Star, Neutron Star, Black Hole
    • ω+22: System Bands
    • ω+23: Solar System
    • ω+24: Star Cloud
    • ω+25: Star Bubble
    • ω+26: Star Belt
    • ω+27: Spiral Arm, Elliptic…

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  • Alemagno12

    My new cosmology

    May 27, 2017 by Alemagno12

    The circle is The Cycle of Everything.

    The yellow dot is Nothing.

    The first half of the circle is everything of a lower level than a lesser version of The Box.

    The red dot is a lesser version of The Box.

    The second half of the circle is everything of a higher level than a lesser version of the box (like Paraverse and Existence)

    The Cycle of Everything is contained inside of The Box.

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  • Primussupremus

    The explorer of endless timelines is an immortal time traveller hailing from the year 200,000bc who found an alien spacecraft containing a time machine while hunting mamoth. From there the explorer used the time machine and was subsequently ripped from the normal laws of space and time and turned into an immortal due to death being a mere concept to him. The explorer travelled all throughout  time and space collecting samples from other civilizations and ammassing them in a grand museum dedicated to his favourite sport of Wind Surfing. Throughout all of  Human history the explorer controlled the destiny of mankind travelling back to the time of mans discovery of fire a couple of million years ago to its far future. The explorer took on man…

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  • Primussupremus

    My cosmology is here after  a long time of planning and studying as well as a lot of thinking about the way my cosomology fits together.

    Now lets begin: The very bottom layer is the ordinal pixels layer this layer is smaller than infinitesimal being smaller than even true 0.

    The layer above this is the sub quantum pixels layer described in my previous blogs.

    The layer above this is the mysterious quantum layer where reality can do many spectacular things such as allowing particles to exist in multiple states at the same time.

    Above the quantum layer we find the subatomic layer where particles such as fermions and electrons reside at this point we have reached the bounds of what science can understand properly as quantum mechanics is still not …

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  • Primussupremus

    Before I properly create my cosmology I need to develop the different parts of it so that I know when to correct something if said thing is not working properly. For  example if a key concept within my Cosmology contradicts something else I will change it.

    When I started on this Wiki I talked about Sub Quantum pixels a bit but never got around to developing them to their full potential however I have thought a lot about them recently and wish to describe to you in more detail.

    To begin we need to think of the smallest thing possible or currently known to be possible under the knowm laws of physics , If you answered the atom you'd be wrong as it is made up of electrons and fermions and quarks and newtons and bosons and femtons and other small…

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  • Primussupremus

    The box of irrational and super surreal concepts and tools that may or may not be useful is a powerful tool created by the protector of the 5th wall to contain the secrets of his realm. The appearance of the box changes to fit the ideaology of the one who holds it due to this weird ability the true appearance of the box can only be seen by the protector of the 5th wall. Calling the box a box is a false argument as the box is simply a container of the protector of the 5th walls realm. A cool ability of the box is the ability to contain anything from sub quantum flying spaghetti monsters to trans dimensional infiniteverses and more , this allows for anything to be hidden within the box.  The box has been found to contain everything from the …

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  • Primussupremus

    Many people seem to have this ridiculous idea that extraterrestrial life will look like humans usually having grey skin  big bulbous eyes and 3000 fingers each as long as a piece of string. This idea is mostly likely completely wrong as life in the universe is going to be way more diverse with aliens taking on many forms from blob like creatures to clouds of bacteria. Today I am going to describe my theory on why life evolved the way it did along the way I'll analyse the key points of the evolution of humanity from single celled organisms to now. Billions of years ago the very first seeds containing DNA landed on celestial spheres these seeds only survived if the sphere they landed on could sustain them. The first condition that set up the…

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  • Primussupremus

    The protector of the 5th wall is an immensely powetful godlike being who is charged with the protection of the barrier between the omniverse and the outside. Existing in a realm between the omniverse and the beyonder the protector of the 5th wall stops the outside demons from creeping into the omniverse thus keeping reality in balance. Although the protector of the 5th wall is sworn to guard the wall he has the capability to destroy the two locations he protects allowing him to wipe out both the omniverse beyond in exactly 0 time. What this means that not even an infinitesimal ammount of time would have gone off before he destroyed both the omniverse and the beyond. The protector of the 5th wall has many abilities including but not limited…

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  • Primussupremus
    1. A unarypenteduopendekeract is a 51 dimensional hypercube.
    2. A duopenteduopendekeract is a 52 dimensional hypercube.
    3. A ternarypenteduopendekeract is a 53 dimensional hypercube.
    4. A tetrapenteduopendekeract is a 54 dimensional hypercube.
    5. A pentepenteduopendekeract is a 55 dimensional hypercube.
    6. A hexepenteduopendekeract is a 56 dimensional hypercube.
    7. A heptepenteduopendekeract is a 57 dimensional hypercube.
    8. An octepenteduopendekeract is a 58 dimensional hypercube.
    9. A neufpenteduopendekeract is a 59 dimensional hypercube.
    10. A hexeduopendekeract is a 60 dimensional hypercube.
    11. A unaryhexeduopendekeract is a 61 dimensional hypercube.
    12. A duohexeduopendekeract is a 62 dimensional hypercube.
    13. A ternaryhexeduopendekeract is a 63 dimensional hypercube.
    14. A tetrahexeduopende…
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  • Alemagno12


    Also, assume that (limit ordinal)-n exists. You'll see why.

    • ...
    • -10: Planet
    • -9: Solar System
    • -8: Star Cloud
    • -7: Star Bubble
    • -6: Star Belt
    • -5: Spiral Arm
    • -4: Galaxy
    • -3: Galaxy Cluster
    • -2: Supercluster
    • -1: Supercluster Complex
    • 0: Great Wall

    • 1: Universe
    • 2: Multiverse
    • 3: Megaverse
    • 4: Gigaverse
    • 5: Teraverse
    • 6: Petaverse
    • 7: Exaverse
    • 8: Zettaverse
    • 9: Yottaverse
    • 10: Xonaverse
    • 11: Archverse
    • 12: Archverse
    • 13: Archverse
    • ...
    • ω-3: Archverse
    • ω-2: Archverse
    • ω-1: Infiniteverse

    • ω: Omniverse
    • ω+11: Godverse
    • ω+2: Polyverse
    • ω+3: The Outside
    • ω+4: Beyond
    • ...
    • ω2-3: The Barrel, lesser/greater versions of other -verses
    • ω2-2: The Barrel, lesser/greater versions of other -verses
    • ω2-1: The Barrel, lesser/greater versions of other -verses
    • ω2: The Box, Altarca, Omega Omnisphere
    • ω2+1: Paraverse
    • ω2+2: Existe…

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  • Primussupremus
    1.  A tesseract is a 4 dimensional hypercube
    2. A penteract is a 5 dimensional hypercube
    3. A hexeract is a 6 dimensional hypercube
    4. A hepteract is a 7 dimensional hypercube
    5. An octeract is an 8 dimensional hypercube
    6. A neuferact is a 9 dimensional hypercube
    7. A duopenteract is a 10 dimensional hypercube
    8. A unarydecaract is an 11 dimensional hypercube
    9. A Decemberact is a 12 dimensional hypercube
    10. A Voreract is a 13 dimensional hypercube
    11. A duohepteract is a 14 dimensional hypercube
    12. A penduopendecaract is a 15 dimensional hypercube
    13. A hexaduopendecaract is a 16 dimensional hypercube
    14. A heptaduopendecaract is a 17 dimensional hypercube
    15. An octaduopenderact is an 18 dimensional hypercube
    16. A neufduopendekeract is a 19 dimensional hypercube
    17. A doublyduopendekeract is a 20 dimensiona…
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  • Holomanga

    A lot of physics involves solving differential equations. These are similar to normal equations, but also include functions of the derivatives of the variables as well as the variables themselves. Solving differential equations allows you to solve the universe.

    Ordinary differential equations, the type that are the most solvable, involve one dependant variable (such as y) and one independant variable (such as x), as well as derivatives of the independant variable with respect to the dependant one.

    Linear differential equations are differential equations which are a linear combination of the dependant variable and its derivatives. Terms such as , and that increasing the mass of the object will make it take longer to slow down, and that increa…

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  • Primussupremus

    Start with 1 bubble universe of infinite size and branch off an infinite number of similar but different bubble universes each infinite in size. Now contained within each of these infinite universes is an exact copy of the entire multiverse I first described. You then have to do this process again for the new multiverse and again on the next and again and again. In total you have  to do it an infinite number of times continuely branching off new multiverses from universes. The size of each universe in this grand fractal multiverse will be the exact same in fact no matter what scale you zoom in to the image will be the exact same.

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  • MatthewandMario

    This man is beyond everything. He came from 'Beyond' and whizzed by the Godverse into the Omniverse. His powers include Impotenc,Omnipotence, Omniboxness, and sleeping. He tried to kill some Idea Breakers once and was completely devoured. thus ends his tale.

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  • Primussupremus

    The lord of imagination is an extremely powerful being who has existed for as long as the omniverse has existed meaning that he has no origin rather he has always existed and will exist on long after we have died.  The lord of imagination is the living embodiment of the concept of imagination this means that as long as he exists imagination will exist. The lord of imagination is very powerful as he is able to do anything a being in the omniverse could imagine this includes reality alteration on omniversal scales and omnipotence. The lord of imagination has demonstrated the following abilities : impossible word creation , abstract concept manipulation , logic manipulation ,size alteration , omnipotence , omniscience, omnilock , immortality …

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  • Primussupremus

    Wizard wonder.

    April 29, 2017 by Primussupremus

    Wizard wonder is an immensely powerful infinite dimensional being whose soul purpose is to reshape reality in his image. The powers of Wizard wonder include: matter manipulation at sub quantum scales , instant travel to any point within the box , absolute physical and mental condition , Supreme wisdom , true immortality meaning that their is literally no way for him to die , omnipotence , omniscience , omnilock , omniarch , omniprescence , omnifarious , 4th wall breaking , 4th wall awareness , plot manipulation , godlike telepathy , flight , intagibility , causality negation , concept bybass , reality alteration on an infinite scale, size alteration , telekenisis , godlike control over majical energies , metaphysics manipulation , logic ma…

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  • Primussupremus

    Ultra man.

    April 27, 2017 by Primussupremus

    It has been said that even the Beyonder (pre retcon)  is afraid of Ultra man for not even the nigh omnipotent power of the beyonder can have a chance of touching Ultra man. Ultra man is not a man rather that is the form he most commonly appears to Humans as if he appeared to a dog he would appear to be a dog. Ultra man is also known for using many Avatars throughout the Box such as:Santa Claus , the Easter bunny,Doctor who,The presence,The primal monitor,The Beyonder , The living tribunal,Harry potter,Nikola Tesla,Yoda,Dumbledore and many other prominent figures. Ultra man never appears in his true form for if he did he would go beyond even the box for his true form is literally impossible for any entity to conceive of. Ultra man is able t…

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  • Primussupremus

    super cube.

    April 26, 2017 by Primussupremus

    First take a cube of finite size , the size doesn't matter all that matters is that said size must be finite. Then cut the cube in half creating a demi cube. Now the Demi cube in half to create a tetra cube or 1/4 of a cube. Cut the tetra cube into quaters to make a hexadeci cube. Cut the hexadeci cube into 16's so as to get a duocentapentadecahexa cube.

    The sequence you will produce is {1,1/2,1/4,1/16,1/256,1/65536,1/4294967296 and so on} As you continue to cut it up into smaller and smaller sub cubes you will be able to take a infinite number of sub cubes stack them on top of each other and produce a tower of finite height.

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  • Primussupremus


    April 26, 2017 by Primussupremus

    Hyperman is an immensely powerful being hailing from the Year 56233ad on an alternate Earth where science advanced so rapidly that time travel was invented in the year 456bc. His powers came from him being a descendant of the Creator of that Universe meaning that Hyperman is naturally super human. The powers of Hyperman are too immense to be contained within this blog as he has every power to a nearly unlimited degree. Hyperman is so strong that he was capable of splitting the omniverse in half as if it were butter by doing this he effectively caused a trans multiversal wave of destruction. His speed can vary from 10x faster than light to being practically omnipresent in speed. He is in fact so fast that he was able to move from one end of…

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  • Primussupremus

    The Busy Beaver game or Busy Beaver function is a "game" devised by Hungarian Mathematician Tibor Rado in his 1962 paper "On non computable functions." The game consists of a binary alphabet turing machine that runs for a finite length of time before halting. The aim of the Busy Beaver is to see using a finite number of states how many 1's will be printed out on the tape when the TM halts. The Busy Beaver function is known to be uncomputable meaning that no Non oracle based Turing machine could compute Busy Beavers greater than BB(5) at a push. Although the complexity of the Busy Beavers is immense they still don't compare to the complexity of the Pixel Beavers these are an extension of Busy Beavers up to hyper computational levels. Pixel …

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  • Holomanga


    April 25, 2017 by Holomanga

    The other way to do mechanics, the part that doesn't involve forces and momentum and stuff, is Lagrangians.

    Lagrangian mechanics is absolutely crazy, but you'll love it.

    The first step is to define your system in terms of a collection of coordinates, and their time derivates. These coordinates depend on whatever's convenient for the system. A particle moving freely in 3D space will typically have these coordinates be x, y, and z. A bob swinging on a pendulum might have one coordinate, θ.

    The second step is to calculate the kinetic and potential energies T and U of the system when it is at a certain coordinate. The Lagrangian of the system L is then just T - U.

    The third step is to find the motion of the system. This is described by the Euler-L…

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  • Holomanga


    April 24, 2017 by Holomanga

    Because this is a blog and I make up what happens, I'm going to write about projectiles. Specifically, some object moving under constant gravity and a resistance that depends on velocity.

    The simplest projectile problem is one that is moving in a vacuum.

    At a time t after launch, the projectile has a position

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  • Primussupremus


    April 23, 2017 by Primussupremus

    Before we explore the mysteries of hyper space we need to understand what the local space is, the local  space is a term I came up with that refers to the 3 dimensions of euclidean fame. The 0th dimension is the point the most basic of all mathematical objects its purity is so vast that it is respected by beings from around the multiverse. The 1st dimension is of course the line the infinite representation of length pure untouchable length. The 2nd dimension is the dimension of the euclidean plane this is where we not only get length but also width. The 3rd dimension is the most familiar of the dimensions as it is the dimension that we as humans currently occupy , the 3rd dimension allows us to move in any direction we wish as long as the …

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  • Primussupremus

    Nested sphere

    April 23, 2017 by Primussupremus

    Suppose that we have a sphere that contains a slightly smaller sphere that is aproximately 1% smaller than that sphere. This 2nd sphere contains another sphere that is 1% smaller than it and this 3rd sphere contains a sphere that is 1% smaller than it.  Now suppose that we continued nesting these spheres within themselves creating some sort of russian doll like effect for an arbitrary number of spheres k.  Because the n+1th sphere is only 1% smaller than the nth sphere the difference in volume between each sphere is very small. Now suppose that we were to nest an infinite number of spheres each 1% smaller than the last and we colour each sphere red or blue what colour would the last sphere be? Obviously this analogy doesn't make any sense …

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  • Primussupremus

    Suppose that we have a box with a volume approximately equal to 100m^3 so a very large cube as the total amount of liters that could be held within this box is 100,0000,or 21996.925 imperial gallons. Now suppose that contained within this 100m^3 box is another box approximately 2.5 times smaller than it or 40m^3 this comes 8798.7699 imperial gallons. Now contained within the box with dimensions equaling 40m^3 is a smaller box 2.5 times smaller than it or 16m^3 ,this box can hold 3519.508 imperial gallons. Before I move on I must remind the reader that each box has its maximum storage capacity contained within it. The next box is 2.5 times smaller than the 16m^3 box or 6.4m^3,this box can contain a total of 1407.803 imperial gallons. The ne…

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  • Primussupremus

    An infinite sided polygon would be indistinguishable from a circle due to the apparent smoothness of its sides.

    We will call this shape a circulagon as it is as close to  a circle as any polyogon is going to get

    each side of the circulagon corresponds to 1 natural number this means that the sides are indeed countable.

    Too distinguish a circulagon from a circle would require someone to break the laws of physics as someone would need to zoom in a countably infinity order of magnitudes just to notice the difference between a circulagon and a circle.

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  • Primussupremus


    April 20, 2017 by Primussupremus

    (Ignore the title)

    In this blog I am going to describe various representations of cube in N dimensions more specifically I will focus on the number of vertices and vertices.

    A 0 dimensional cube is just a point this is the basis of all geometry for without the point nothing may exist.

    A 1 dimensional cube is a line segment this has 2 vertices connected by 1 edge.

    A 2 dimensional cube is a square this is 4 vertices  connected by 4 edges.

    A 3 dimensional cube is of course a cube this is 8 vertices connected by 12 edges.

    A 4 dimensional cube is called a tesseract this has 16 vertices connected  32 edges.

    A 5 dimensional cube is called a penteract this has 32 vertices connected by 80 edges.

    A 6 dimensional cube is called a hexeract this has 64 vertice…

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  • Primussupremus

    In my last blog titled recursively defining larger and larger verses I described briefly my theory of  sub quantum pixels super small structures that are the building blocks of the quantum world and thus the true building blocks of reality.

    When you pass through the quantum barrier the point which physicists have falsely called the smallest you enter into where the laws of physics at any accepted scale don't apply. In this sub quantum world it is possible for particles to nest inside one another creating some kind of super particle or even display conscious thought as if they were alive. The sub quantum particles are called pixels as they look like pixels the only difference being that they exist in 11 spatial dimensions at the same time. T…

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  • Primussupremus

    Here I am going to describe a hiearchy of verses starting from the smallest system ( sub quantum) to the limit of these systems the all encompassing Box.

    Before I move on I need to describe what I mean by something being sub quantum, in a general sense this means being smaller than the fundemental building blocks of our universe and possibly all universes. So if the strings are the fundemental building blocks of matter at the planck scale then a structure that is sub quantum would be on scales less than 1.6*10-35m or 1 planck length. I have decided to call the building block that makes up the cosmic strings quantum pixels as are shaped like pixels with the only difference being that they exist in 11+ dimensions not 2. The fundemental buildi…

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  • Themathgenius

    I am trying to import all of All Dimensions wiki to this wiki. I am testing what would happen when I import an article that has the same name as an article on this wiki. I am going to be making a test page, do not delete it!

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  • Holomanga


    April 3, 2017 by Holomanga

    A prism is a shape that can be constructed from taking the Cartesian product of some number of lower-dimensional shapes.

    But wait, what is a Cartesian product?

    The Cartesian product of two sets is the set of all ordered pairs of elements of those sets. As a simple example, {0, 1} × {0, 1} = {(0,0), (0, 1), (1, 0), (1, 1)}.

    This is useful for shapes because a shape is just a set of points. Say you have a square, defined between (0, 0) and (1, 1). And you have a line segment, defined between (0) and (1). The cartesian product gives you a cube, defined between (0, 0, 0) and (1, 1, 1).

    One way to visualise this is by turning every point on shape A into a copy of shape B. A cube is like a square, but every point on the square has been upgraded into…

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  • Holomanga

    List of Intervals

    March 28, 2017 by Holomanga

    Wikipedia lists eleven intervals, which I've made pages for. Here they are, along with their pages and equivalent one-dimensional manifolds. I haven't distinguished left-open and right-open because that'd just be weird.

    empty: : Euclidean line (Euclidean line)
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  • MatthewandMario


    March 27, 2017 by MatthewandMario

    It is the Omniverse's Uncentillionenth birthday! What have we learned in the last several octillion decades?

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  • Themathgenius

    How many dimensions does an arc of a circle have? Well, it may have one, or two dimensions. I would argue that it has two dimensions, and here is why.

    It only seems reasonable that an arc of a circle is two dimensional because you are bending a line segment in the second dimension.

    A real reason that shows an arc of a circle is two dimensional is this: how many perpinduclar lines do you need to label every point on the arc of a circle? You need to perpindicular axis, so an arc of a circle is two dimensional. It can only exist in two dimensions or higher.

    This may sound stange, and you may be a tiny bit emotinal, but think about it. It just makes sense. It makes sense because curves behave in ways you might not expect. So the outline of a circ…

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  • Holomanga

    Considering shapes to be manifolds, possibly with boundaries, there are exactly seven one dimensional shapes.

    • Circle

    • Euclidean line
    • Open long ray
    • Long line

    • Line segment
    • Half-open line segment
    • Long ray
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  • Holomanga

    Vital Articles

    March 25, 2017 by Holomanga

    Back on the All Dimensions wiki, I made a page outlining some vital articles in the style of Wikipedia, to make sure that we have everything that we need present and up to a good quality. That probably still stands, so behold, the Vital Articles list once more.

    Our goals may have drifted a little, so it might seem slightly dated, but I think it's a good starting point.

    The most important single article that could be made, in my opinion. Without understanding dimensions, you can't understand the rest of the wiki, and it's even namedropped in the title.

    • Dimension

    The next list has ten vital articles, again the most important then. The top level ones are the key concepts in the wiki - Dimensions, Polytopes, and Verses. Polychora get on this list …

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  • Themathgenius

    The current proof that shows the Harmonic Series diverges is wrong. When you get to this stage:

    , where k, and n are integers. If we add all those fractions up, we get something less than one.

    We have a contradiction. The extra one did too much to make up for the missing fractions. If this has a value, then mathematics would be broken. So therefore, the Harmonic Series diverges.

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  • Holomanga

    Because every two-dimensional manifold is a connected sum of sum number of tori and some number of real projective planes, and there's a fancy relation where a torus and a RPP is actually just three RPPs, you can make a cool chart. Something like this (with the row and columns representing direct sums):

    Quindecuple real projective plane

    This was way more boring than I expected it to be, because after making this table I just realised that adding one cross-cap kills orientability so it's just going to be a whole bunch of crosscaps. Shrug emoji.

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  • Holomanga

    Complex Polytopes

    March 16, 2017 by Holomanga

    One thing I've just read about today are complex polytopes. Polytopes are some collection of points, lines, faces and so in in the space | style="white-space: nowrap;"|360 points | style="white-space: nowrap;"|600 tricomtela | style="white-space: nowrap;"| |}

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  • Second soup

    Some of these exist on alldimensions, others were created by haphazardly attaching random prefixes to "-verse", others were created in other meaningless ways. Feel free to create pages for them as desired. (I might be making pages for some of them, actually.)

    Also, feel free to suggest more. This list could stand to be quite a bit longer.

    • Monoverse
    • Diverse (wait, no, that's already a word)
    • Triverse
    • Tetraverse
    • Pentaverse
    • Hexaverse
    • Heptaverse
    • Octaverse / octoverse
    • Enneaverse
    • Decaverse
    • Hendecaverse
    • Dodecaverse


    • Universe
    • Biverse / duoverse
    • Triverse (already listed)
    • Quadriverse
    • Quinquiverse
    • Sexverse
    • Septverse
    • Octaverse / octoverse
    • Nonaverse


    • Apeiroverse
    • Ultiverse
    • Interverse

    • Totality
    • The End
    • Infinite Cardinality
    • Recursive Layer
    • (Grand/Great/Superior/etc.) Ensemble
    • Compou…

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  • Holomanga

    Some Megaprojects

    March 15, 2017 by Holomanga

    Obviously, the first action took by an advanced civilisation with sufficient resources is to perform some intense projects. This blog post is going to look at a few potential categories that could be performed.

    One thing that you can do with a whole bunch of energy is to somehow turn that energy directly into matter. If you're running low on planets, this is a very inefficient way to get more and why on earth would you ever want to do this you could just starlift but no those bureaucrats up in the Capitol Bubble want a planet out of energy.

    The mass of various objects, and their energy equivalents, are as follows:

    Object Mass (kg) Mass-Energy (J)


    Asteroid 1 × 1012 9 × 1028 2.2
    Planet (Earth) 6 × 1024 5 × 1041 3.4
    Star (the Sun) 2 × 1030

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  • Themathgenius

    Local Mathematics is the study of dimensions, and verses. These are the questions you need to ask when studying Local Mathematics: How does this Universe behave? What happens when these two verses collide? These are the types of questions you need to ask when dealing with Local Mathematics.

    It is called Local Mathematics, because mathematics is typically universal. Local means not universal. So, what applies to one Universe might not apply to another. There could be other Universes out there with no related properties to our own. That is why it is called Local Mathematics.

    Without further adue, let us study Local Mathematics. First, we need to define a rigourous definition for what a Universe is. A great way to define a Universe is to ask th…

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