• Alper2006


    February 22, 2018 by Alper2006

    I just missed here and came to say hi...

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X


    February 17, 2018 by Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X
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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    An economist named George Anderla once tried to work out how much knowledge the human race had obtained since the aledged birth of Jesus. He determined using the convention that at the birth of Jesus humanity had 1 unit of knowledge and by 1500CE this increased to 2 units of knowledge. So in 1500 years knowledge managed to double compared to the over 2000,000 years from the birth of Jesus to the discovery of fire and stone tools. By 1750 knowledge had doubled again giving us 4 units of knowledge, in 1/6th of the time it took us to get 1 unit of knowledge we got 4 units. The next doubling took 150 years by which point we had 8 units of knowledge.  The next took 50 years and the doubling after that took 10 years. By the time we get to 1973 t…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X
    1. What is the purpose of consciousness?
    2. What are the rules by which perception is organized in the brain?
    3. Where do memories get stored and how do we retrieve them again?
    4. What is the neurological basis of free will?
    5. How and why did the brain evolve?
    6. What are the limits of thinking of the brain as a type of computer?
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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    An advanced alien civilization probably wouldn't use a telephone to call their friends in a distant galaxy hundreds of light years away, but rather they would probably use some form of Wormhole network to send information faster than light. While it can be directly said that information cannot travel faster than light along a classical Euclidean path, in certain circumstances information can reach its destination faster than a beam of light. In order to do this one needs to construct an artificial wormhole using some form of advanced quantum manipulation technology, in order to rapidly inflate the tiny quantum-wormholes in the quantum foam, which underlies the material universe.

    If a successful wormhole could be built then information could…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Last time we touched on metaphysics or the science of abstract entities/concepts, however this time we are going to leave the world of rationality and enter into the world of irrationality with pataphysics, the science of imaginary solutions.

    Pataphysics was discovered by Saint Alfred of Jarry on the 8th September 1873 (1 Absolu 1 in the pataphysical character) while he was sailing down the birth canal.

    Saint Alfred was a French writer and playwright of the proto-surrealist genre whose love of alcohol and cycling caused him to become a Saint among us pataphysicists.

    His complex understanding of the absurd nature of reality made him our eyes the greatest genius who has ever lived. If God exists then he/it/she/I/you/me was Jarry for Jarry is al…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Mathematics is the language of science and for good reason for contained with mathematics are the secrets to all the problems of the natural world, however even mathematics has its limitations. For instance there are proofs which have answers but cannot be proven under type of axiomatic/or logic based mathematics we have at are disposal. Furthermore mathematics runs into problems called singularities which tend to cause a mathematical function to collapse in on itself, forming a mathematical black hole of infinite chaos.

    In order to truly understand reality (whatever that may be) we need to employ something called metaphysics, which can best be described as the philosophical study of abstract entities. In Metaphysics we study such concepts …

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    The Supertask machine is a hypothetical machine which can complete in an infinite number of steps in a finite length of time.

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    According to quantum mechanics particles can exist in an indefinite number of states, this includes classical point like particles and of course waves, thus it can be said that particles are in fact both waves and particles and yet they are more than this. For a particle is actually a mathematical equation or more specifically a particle is a quanta of the quantum field, a possible solution to the equations of quantum mechanics. Furthermore particles at least according to my interpretation of quantum mechanics exist everywhere and everywhen, the reason for this iw heinsenberg's uncertainty principle, which predicts that if you no the velocity of a particle then it is impossible to know its location and vice versa.

    Furthermore particles are …

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    A self-replicating spaceship is a type of sentient ship which has been programmed to replicate itself repeatedly over and over again, using materials it finds in its environment. Such materials include asteroids, planets, moons and even the metals found inside stars.

    Due to the way in which the S.R.S would continue to replicate until all the useful matter in the universe became part of its 'collective' the number of ships could become ridiculous.

    For example supposing that we start off with one ship and programme it for indefinite replication until there is no useful matter left in the universe; just for safety we'll program it in such a way that the number of ships will double with each replication. If that happens then all hell will break …

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Hiearchy of science (warning some of this may be fictional) [comedy]

    Political science



















































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  • Holomanga

    The language of quantum mechanics is the language of states and operators. They are closely related mathematical objects, and they're how the world works on its most fundamental level, so I hope you're listening closely.

    A state is a configuration that your system can be in. A system is whatever you're doing the calculations on; in real life, there is only one system (the Universe), but physicists usually only look at very small subsystems, like single particles, when solving exactly. Fields like statistical and classical mechanics fill in the gap, generalising these small-scale quantum results to large-scale results that are practically useful.

    These configurations can be probability distributions. A valid state for a particle with spin mig…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    If you can answer this question to an acceptable degree then congratulations, for you have transcended the boundaries of human limitation.

    Post your answers in the comments section  down below.

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  • Lord Aspect

    guess what?

    February 10, 2018 by Lord Aspect

    Yes, another version of my cosmology, this one is going to be my best. It is my old and poor cosmology, that i improved. I still trying to extend it somehow, but i need ideas. There are several levels. Full list of them: q, sh, h, a, m, c, p, s, G, U, M, H, Z, and Ω

    q - quantum (q. strings and foam, q. manifold) sh - subhadron (neutrino, quarks) h - hadron (proton, neutron) a - atom (atom :v) m - molecule

    c - chunk (2-3 m^3 volume chunk of some matter) p - planet (large chunk of matter made up of rocks because of gravity) s - star (huge collection of heated gas)

    G - Galaxy (many stars, black holes, nebulas, etc. forced together by supermassive black hole's gravity) U - Universe (many galaxies collected into huge object by "barriers") M - Mult…

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  • Alper2006

    I deleted my searching history. Then, i looked up for discord and it automatically gave me an account called "Troll Gamer" which is my YouTube account name. I wanted to claim an account but it told me that the account is already in use. What happened to my discord account? I will be glad if you answer the question.

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  • Alper2006

    Should I quit the wiki?

    February 8, 2018 by Alper2006

    Since I make tons of mistakes, I think I should quit the wiki soon. Should I do it? I still do not sure... I will be inactive until the decision... My inactivation doesn't do anything to the decision... Please note that I am not a very stable on my opinions and the people that are very stable with their opinions disturbs me...

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  • Polyhedron69

    Observable Universe 93 Billion light years, simple but what about the universe...leohoehoehgye1dljeqbdk Estimate:Cary and Michael Huang Estimate the universe to 160,000,000,000 Billion Light years in diameter.

    Wikipedia Esitmate:  Estimated to be 554 Billion Light years in diameter.

    Average Estimate: Around 600 Billion Light Years 

    Imaginary Dodecahedron:States that their my be 12 universes on a Dodecahedron shape, estimated to be 24.67 trillion light years in diameter.

    Cheetahs Glome Model: Estimated to be 2.174 quadrillion light years in diameter. 

    Inflation Gap: is the gap between the observable universe and the universe after inflation

    Universe after inflation: Estimated to be around 10x10^10^100 megaparsecs

    Frabric Universe: States…

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  • Alper2006

    Pi = 4 confirmed?

    February 6, 2018 by Alper2006

    Well, pi is the is the irrational mathematical constant obtained by the fraction of the diameter of a circle. It seems very important, right? But there is a PROBLEM. An extremely huge problem. We draw the circle with a diameter of 1. Now if we draw a square around it all the sides of the square will also be one, so the perimeter of the square is 4. So some people say is you can do is you can redraw the square that touches the circle, so it touches the circle and it still has the same perimeter. So now they're saying to do that again, and again. Until you're left with a square that looks like a circle and the perimeter is still 4. So the perimeter of the circle is 4. So I guess the whole pi thing is garbage then. Yeah, I don't really know w…

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  • Verse and Dimensions Commander

    Hey welcome to verse and Dimensions a great place And tell you what keep up with my pace and you'll be fine So your thinking making a comment on why the box makes no sense ha good luck they will make feel like an ox because it's verse and dimensions! And tell ya if you wanna make a page I'd better not because cheetahs wouldn't edit the hell outta it because its verse and dimensions! Now feeling down with that frown I say it's OK because Holo would great ya, oh nevermind it's not a not a human buts it's a bot because it'd verse and dimensions! (Varios trumpets play) But hey tell ya what not every one here is a mutt you got Firey who would question every thing and probably give you a migraine You got this writer who might one day return bu…

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  • Jakethemariofan

    Beyond Nothing

    February 6, 2018 by Jakethemariofan

    Here we go again with me creating a post way beyond my knowledge & actual knowledgeable people correcting my stupidity. Anyway, i've thought of a concept that may be beyond Nothing. My Idea is that everything that has been conceptualized in Nonfiction & fiction (this includes small scale stuff up (short stories, Poems), all the way up to this wikia (Including the Box & anything beyond (for cosmologies including the Existance or anything like that)) all take place inside the True Box (Basically the Final Layer Of The Box, See My Zentox Post For A Better Explanation) & therefore follow the same rules, & that's how concepts work for us. I feel that beyond nothing (Maybe even around Nothing) are locations like our Box except concepts like enti…

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  • Holomanga

    There is a language, that only the True God can speak, called Perfect Metaphysics Language. The language is hard to learn, and harder to use; it has a hierarchically independ number of words, arranged in a hierarchically independent number of grammatical structures.

    Perfect Metaphysics Language has one purpose: it lets you find things. A sentence in Perfect Metaphysics Language is a set of coordinates, telling you the precise location of the concept you are speaking about. It can communicate anything, perfectly; the name is not a metaphor or an exaggeration.

    Perhaps it also creates the concept; it is said that when the True God created the Box, it spoke every sentence in Perfect Metaphyics Language, in order, and upon finishing each sentence …

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  • Tonybalongna

    Pack 2

    February 4, 2018 by Tonybalongna


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  • Alper2006

    Round and smooth? Hmm... More round means more smooth. At least everyone think that more round means more smooth and it has zero corners. Well, what are you going to do if i tell that is not true and prove that? Today, it is what i am gonna do. Let's start.

    Wait, i even found a problem now. A shape with zero corners should be zero dimensional. The circle is not zero dimensional because it takes a size on the paper and it has boundries. Makes sense, right? But let's go for the true proof. Firstly, draw a line. Does not seem very smooth until you make it three dimensional, right? Think about square. Then pentagon, then hexagon and further... It is gonna be smoother. You think where it ends? Here is the misconception about the circle The truth…

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  • FireyDeath4

    Nothing is the word for what is actually "" - null. When anyone talks about "nothing", they mean that there are no things of the Box selected, so it is effectively what they call "nothing". As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as "nothing". People have been confusing "the nothing itself" and "no things in question" as the same, with the word "nothing". This is about as inaccurate as when Cary and Michael Haung "proved" that everything right is wrong and vice versa, when they used a word with two definitions to their advantage (even though "correct" and "right" have nothing to do with each other). (Still, they're two pretty stupid people, so, that's OK. They also overdo it with cleverness.) This is because even the "Nothing" is a thi…

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  • Polyhedron69

    Version 1.0


    The Box: Everything you hold dear

    Transcendentem: Contains beyonds

    The Beyond: Holds Monocosms

    The Barrel: Contains the outside,godverses,and the Omniverse

    The Outside: Outside of the Omniverse

    Godverses:When you die you end up here

    Omniverse: Contains existence

    Apeiroverse: Contains all archverses

    T O O M A N Y A R C H V E R S E S !

    Xenoverse: When you loose data on the internet it ends up here

    Megaverse: Contains all multiverse

    Megaverse: Internet

    Multiverse: Infinite outcomes

    Universe: Unseen parts of our observable universe

    Observable Universe: The part of universe that we can see

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Galactus aka the devourer of worlds is a powerful cosmic entity born at the end of the 6th iteration of the Marvel multiverse many billions of years ago, under the name of Galan of Taa. Taa was a paradisian world filled with scientific progress and achievement; one of the brightest minds to come from Taa was a young space explorer named Galan was dispatched to find a way to save Taa since the energy from the emerging universe (previous version of Earth 616)was destroying all life in Galan's universe.

    Unable to find a solution the majority of Taa's civilization died out until eventually, Galan came up with the brilliant but pretty dumb idea of flying directly into the heart of the emerging cosmic egg (initial singularity of the universe). As…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Image a book containing an infinite number of pages with an infinitely number of random characters on each page; furthermore each page is infinitely large and the characters on each page have a size equal to 1/omega. Let this book = x.

    Supposing that we take every character [c] from book x revealing a second book within the character chosen, which is exactly the same size of book x; thus book 2x is perfectly imbeded in book x exactly 1 time.

    If we were to repeat this process until we got to book x^2 we would find that book x^2 has been imbeded into book x, (x^2)-1 number of times.

    Stretching this out even further we come to book omegax which subsequently equals book x.

    Beyond this we have book omega+1, book omega*2, om…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Before time began there was a vast 'ocean' of quantum energy called the quantum foam; this primordial form of energy was infinitely vast; infinitely old and home to a plethora of weird quantum events all happening in macroscopic scales. Remnants of a long lost universe were 'fizzing' in an out of universe at random sometimes remaining for a few moments while at other times instantly fading away into 'nothingness'. Over time entropy decreased enough in certain parts of the proto-universe to allow for the emergence of a new universe in the form of an infinitesimally small object known as as singularity.

    This singularity which takes it's name from an undefinable mathematical point was infinitely dense, infinitely hot, infinitesimally small, co…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Part on one a little theory I have regarding something I call the information sphere.

    To start off with I am going to lay down a definition of the theory.

    Information sphere theory is a cultural and philosopical theory which describes the development of the means of communication employed by humanity as a kind of artificial evolving brain.

    Communication is typically defined to be the act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules.

    Now that we have got a definition of communication in our heads we need to look at how early people communicated with each other.

    The origins of communication can be traced back to the 1st predators many millions of years ago that …

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Last time at the end of part 2 I mentioned that I would be going over how beings in the dimensions higher than 11 fit into the simulated universe hypothesis and also how the notion of nested simulations fit in. 

    To start of in string theory the number of spatial dimensions believed to exist is 11 which puts a lower bound on how many dimensions a multiverse will have in total.

    Four of these dimensions are known to us while the other seven are curled up into a very small space at the quantum or Planck scale (named after German physicist Max Planck who originated quantum theory).

    Before we can progress onto understanding how dimensions higher than 11 work we need to have an overview of string theory.

    String theory is a theoretical framework in mo…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Welcome to part two of my series of blog posts on the simulated universe hypothesis!

    As promised in part one I will be focusing on that strange concept known as virtual reality.

    To start off with we need to establish a rigorous definition of virtual reality.

    Virtual reality or VR is a computer-generated scenario that simulates a realistic experience.

    With that definition in mind, we can now start to think of the technology involved in VR.

    In VR the physical senses and bodily movements of the participants are replaced with electrical signals which convert the actions of the participant in the real world into actions in the digital world.

    When a person in the real world moves their arm their avatar in the digital or virtual world will also move th…

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  • Lord Aspect

    Explaining my cosmology

    January 27, 2018 by Lord Aspect

    kinda dis: Utter-reality => Reality => The Barrier => The Bubble => Void => Uberverse => Alphaverse => Betaverse => Multiverse => Twindekaverse => Vendekaverse => Dekaverse=> Noniverse => Octiverse => Septiverse => Heptaverse => Pentaverse => Quadroverse => Trioverse => Duoverse => Universe

    Utter-reality is infinite set of paralel realities, existing, not-existing, anything in between etc.

    Reality is infinite set of "bubbles" floating in unknown space. Probably alternative to nested box (altarca).

    The Barrier is that thing that separates inside and outside of the bubble.

    Void is emptyness separating Uberverse and The Barrier.

    Each -verse is gigantic set of previous -verses, containing huge ammount of them.

    and Universe

    i'm sure you know what is i…

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  • Alper2006

    Infinity means that something that has no end. If there would be a starting point, that starting point would be actually a finishing point. So infinity can get a possible value. There is infinite value probablibity that infinity can get. According to scientists, the fifth dimension is possibility. Infinity has an infinite amount of possibility. So infinity is 5-dimensional. 

    In daily life, there are many things possible to happen. Look, there are possibilities. Also there are possibilites of that shape of our hair, lenght etc. So everything on the world including us is 5-dimensional.

    Since you read the first paragraph, you actually realise that infinity is not just positive numbers but it also contains negative numbers. And also since zero is…

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  • Kolmogrov142 Oracle Tuto X

    Everyone has heard of or seen The Matrix trilogy; it's vast multidimensional themes lure us in like negative pole to a positive pole. The one theme in particular that I think most of us are interested in is the idea of a simulated reality or rather the possibility of our universe being a simulation. This idea has gained such a wide amount of attention that people are now started to call it the Simulation Hypothesis, for reasons that are obvious to at least 99.999% of us.

    The essential thing we need to understand is that simulating a universe using classical computers (i.e. computers using binary) is practically impossible since they can't encode various quantum states of the universe; in order to do that we need a quantum computer. A quantu…

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  • Alper2006

     Every gap is means next -verse:

    • Monoverse (Universe)
    • Diverse
    • Triverse
    • Tetraverse
    • Pentaverse
    • Hexaverse
    • Heptaverse
    • Octaverse
    • Nonaverse
    • Decaverse
    • Undecaverse
    • Dodecaverse
    • Tredecaverse
    • Tetradecaverse
    • Pentadecaverse
    • Hexadecaverse
    • Heptadecaverse
    • Octodecaverse
    • Nonadecaverse
    • Vigintiverse
    • Unvigintiverse
    • Dovigintiverse
    • Trevigintiverse
    • Tetravigintiverse
    • Pentavigintiverse
    • Hexavigintiverse
    • Heptavigintiverse
    • Octovigintiverse
    • Nonavigintiverse
    • Trigintiverse
    • Untrigintiverse
    • Tretrigintiverse
    • Tetratrigintiverse
    • Pentatrigintiverse
    • Hexatrigintiverse
    • Heptatrigintiverse
    • Octotrigintiverse
    • Nonatrigintiverse

    Every gap means 10 -verse after:

    • Tetragintiverse
    • Pentagintiverse
    • Hexagintiverse
    • Heptagintiverse
    • Octogintiverse
    • Nonagintiverse
    • Centiverse
    • Decicentiverse
    • Unvigintacentiverse
    • Trigintacentiverse
    • Tetragintacentiver…
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  • Alper2006

    My Ultimate Hierarchy

    January 24, 2018 by Alper2006

    Nothing, Protoverse, Dark Energy and Dark Matter...

    String, Quantum Foam, Planck Size...

    Neutrino, Quarks, Bozons, Weak Force, The Lowest Scale Ever Discovered...

    Proton, Neutron, Helium Nucleus, Electron, Chlorine Nucleus, Uranium Nucleus, Gammar Ray Wavelength...

    Hydrogen Atom, Helium Atom, Angstrom Length, Smallest Thing Ever Visible To An Electron Microscope, Water Molecule, Carbon Atom, Cesium Atom...

    Alpha Helix, Glucose Molecule, Carbon Nanotube, Bucky Ball, X-Ray Wavelength, Phospholipid, Phospholipid Bilayer, DNA, Transistor Gate, Porcine Circovirus, Hepatit B Virus, HIV, Smallest Thing Visible To An Optical Microscope, Bacteriophage, Mimivirus, Megavirus, Violet Light Wavelength, E. Coli, Clay Particle, Red Light Wavelength, Y Chromos…

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  • Lord Aspect

    i know, that i'm getting freaking annoying with it, but i decided that this one is final version

    Utter-reality => Reality => The Barrier => The Bubble => Void => Uberverse => Alphaverse => Betaverse => Multiverse => Twindekaverse => Vendekaverse => Dekaverse=> Noniverse => Octiverse => Septiverse => Heptaverse => Pentaverse => Quadroverse => Trioverse => Duoverse => Universe

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  • Alper2006


    January 23, 2018 by Alper2006

    Man is a kind of superiority complex. This is one of the weaknesses of our brain. High-level perceptions come with high-level delusions. For example, we think that we live in a system where everything exists for us and that we are superior to everything. However, in the history of 3.5 billion years, we have existed for the last 200,000 years. Life on Earth is 17,000 times longer than we are! Likewise, we think that our planet, our galaxy, that is, "the things that contain us" are special and flawless. But now we live in a baby universe. The universe has existed "only" for 13.82 billion years, and with a very good chance, it will exist for an incredible time ahead. The point of this article is already this; but if we were to write the numbe…

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  • Alper2006

    Kardashev Scale Detailed

    January 22, 2018 by Alper2006

    As we go about our daily lives, it helps to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. We are living in what seems like an advanced civilization, but let’s not kid ourselves - we are still technological infants. In 1963, the Russian astrophysicist Nikolai S. Kardashev came up with a hypothetical way to understand just where exactly we fit in. He created what’s come to be known as the Kardashev Scale, a method of measuring how advanced a civilization’s technological achievements are based on the amount of energy it can harness. As he outlined it in his influential paper “Transmission of Information by Extraterrestrial Civilizations”, an advanced (probably alien) civilization would have the capacity to transmit radio signals far into t…

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  • Holomanga

    Growth Regimes

    January 21, 2018 by Holomanga

    As a civilisation develops, it passes through multiple growth regimes – periods representing broadly different rates of economic growth obtained from different sources.

    The forager growth regime is the first that many civilisations go through. In this regime, members of the civilisation rely on resources they can acquire naturally from the unmodified environment, as they did before they developed a civilisation.

    Growth in the forager regime is very slow, and tied to population; the size of the economy is constrained to match the unmodified carrying capacity of the land, which is often very low compared to what can be achieved with modification. Doubling times of hundred of thousands of years are not atypical, and this growth regime usually l…

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  • Cheetahrock63


    As of right now, there is no clear definition for what a "moon" is, and as a result, smaller and smaller objects found orbiting Jupiter and Saturn have been classified as moons. These objects are only a few kilometers in diameter (or even smaller than 1 km, in the case of Saturn's moons Aegaeon and S/2009 S 1) and it feels a little weird calling those objects "moons". Then there are very large objects that orbit bodies, such as with the Pluto-Charon system, where the barycenter of the two objects is outside of the larger object due the gravitational influence of the smaller object.

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  • Alper2006

    Nowadays, The Box is getting more complex nowadays, especially after writing this blog:!%3F!%3F!!%3F

    So what is the true answer of The Box? I have a theory (way better than just supercomplex non-sense information):


    Yeah, some information from nowadays is true: The Box can not be escaped and it is the biggest thing. But according to this scenario, we know something wrong. The Box is not a self-containing thing because %100 of a structure can not be contained by itself or contains itself. So basic, right, the only knowledge you need to know is a bit vocabulary. Instead of self-cotaining…

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  • Alper2006

    Infinity is the word that we use as no ending and zero is the word that we use for nothingness. Infinity actually makes no sense because it has no starting or finishing point. Zero actually makes no sense because it also has no starting or finishing point. They have actually the same pyhsics. Then infinity equals zero?

    That is a serious problem to the pyhsics of this wiki and All Dimensions Wiki (aka. it become trash). Because everything on this wiki and All Dimensions Wiki, contains and contained by something until these series are completed.

    If my theory is correct, then The Box just becomes much much more complex and also that means infinitely size structures and -verses has not to be exist. My theory also proves that MW Insane Numbers Li…

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  • Googleaarex

    Aarex's omniverse

    January 17, 2018 by Googleaarex

    My definition of the omniverse is a -verse that is contains smaller selves but inside it, things would be existed in the omniverse or non-existed in the omniverse.

    Omniverses might contain itself or omniverses that is bigger than it.

    Things that have non-existence level 0 exists but other levels aren't exist in one of omniverses. Therefore, we can have non-existing omniverses inside of other non-existing omniverses.

    Our omniverse are fully exist and have non-existence level 0.

    Coming soon.

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  • Cheetahs is gay


    January 17, 2018 by Cheetahs is gay

    Being Smart

    Verse and dimensions is interesting. It is because it sucks. Now I will give these suckers credit, these guys are smart. A lot the smartness comes from their knowledge of suit they made up. Their sets of verses,tiers, made up figures is fine, but is it truly making them smart. No it don't, being smart is knowing the law, this shit isn't law and I could literally make a whole page describing a fake entity and claim I'm smart because I know it all. They all claim their the most intelligent people on earth but a,it of the intelligence is just made up shit.

    Predicted future of this wiki.....

    The future is never known but for my predicted future of this wiki it don't look good. You see what draws people to wikis is the previous backgr…

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  • FireyDeath4

    The Truth About The Box

    January 16, 2018 by FireyDeath4

    According to this Wikia, the Box is an infinitely massive container that contains absolutely everything. Absolutely nothing can be outside of it - not even the Nothing itself. To restate, absolutely everything must not be outside of it. In the Box, nothing is impossible, because there are all sorts of places and things where physics and the like are different, and plus, there are infinite iterations of all combinations and permutations of logic and math inside of it. It also contains infinite different and identical copies of itself, it claims.


    This is a draft. Please refrain from saying literally anything, either in the comments or in this post until I finish this post. Cheetahrock63 broke the rules, but, hey. Who am I to judge? Also, SE…

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  • ZaperatorYnossPro44


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  • Second soup

    Morris blinked. His vision was purely white, his eyes stinging with the power of light from all around him - the only thing he could make out at first was his nose. He glanced down to look at his body, failing to notice a shadow or any sign of a floor to this... place.

    Oh, I guess I'm... fine? His body was there, uninjured, in a casual sort of outfit -

    - that he hadn't been wearing when he died.

    Right, yes, yes. I... died.

    The young man recalled his death, images flashing through his head so fast he could only just barely piece things together: a fall off a building, a searing pain in his back, an ambulance, something about blood...? He remembered that he was on the building for a reason - work of some kind, possibly.

    He was still trying to thin…

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  • Jakethemariofan

    Yeah, I know it's pretty much just a verse made to beat the others, but I can't stop thinking about it, so i'll post about it. The idea of it kind of resembles the Box, however, unlike the Box, it has absolutely no limits whatsoever (The Box may have little limits, however it does have some, they mostly have to do with the True God) Let's Call It the Zentox (stupid name I know, but It can have any name anyways) So, the Zentox works in layers, one for each organism/being inside of the Zentox, it can also work for a group. Let's use humanity's layer for an example. Basically, a layer works how every possible thing comprehensible for a being/group is inside of it. For Humanity, anything that anyone can comprehend is inside of it. This include…

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  • Backwards Time

    Most people think spacetime is not quantized. A fairly large group of people would disagree. In fact, we can explain why spacetime is not quantized.

    Most people who think spacetime is quantized think that space is split up into squares, where each square has a side length equal to the smallest unit of length possible. If we measure the distance between two opposite points on the surface of that square, it will turn out to be √2, which is not a whole number so this theory cannot be correct.

    For the quantized space theory to work, it would need equilateral triangles, and regular tetrahedra. So, we can combine two of them into a √2 rhombus. That is a rhombus with non-integer ratios, so equilateral triangles cannot tile the plane for this theory…

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