• Grabadora304


    November 11, 2018 by Grabadora304

    Altarmatium is the 2nd strongest material in the Box. Altarmatium makes up not only altarcae, but everything inside Altarcae, and even the Guardian of the Sixth Wall. There are many different gradients of Altarmatium, the weakest being Altarmatium-1, which can be created, destroyed, and altered by entities of omnipotence^1. The Barrelplex is made of Altarmatium-2000.

    Altarmatium is made of waves and particles of omnipotent energy. Altarmatium-N is made of N-dimensional waves and particles, but can still create structures beyond N dimensions. Everything in any Altarca is made of Altarmatium, even Trosinium. Every Altarca has its own gradient, meaning, which gradient of Altarmatium it's made of. There can only be one gradient of Altarmatium in…

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  • Grabadora304

    The Guardian Of The 6th Wall, also known as the Barrelplex's Guardian, is the ruler of The Barrelplex. It transcends all of the infinitely many Guardians of the 5th wall, and it bridges the gap between Transcendentem Continuum and the Kalyubi Dimension, as well as preventing the Kalyubi Dimension from collapsing.

    An unknown Aspect Lord of omnipotence^2001 was residing in Metempiric Space, and decided to create the Guardian of the Sixth Wall. Since the Guardian was not an Aspect Lord, it could not survive in Metempiric Space. But the Guardian was made of Altarmatium-2000, and was an altarca by itself. Being Omnipotent^2000, it was easily able to make some more Altarmatium-2000 into the Barrelplex. It also created the Transcendentem Continuum…

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  • Angrybirdstd


    November 6, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    Heroniverse are lone universe clusters made from exploding minoterrasoverses. Heroniverses may collide to form a minoterrasoverse.

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  • Angrybirdstd


    November 6, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    A minoterrasoverse (aka Altimension) contains trillions of dimension supercluster complexes, as this forms the structure of a multiverse. They are like bubbles in a gel ant farm, if a chariponisiverse is the gel ant farm.

    A Chariponisiverse is a contraption made of empty space (which is packed with nomadic Heroniverses) filled with minoterrasoverses. This is actually a thin film of the inside of the Multiverse. Over in these films, tetradimensional figures may roam without a name. They were created at the same time the containing multiverse was created.

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  • Redskins36


    November 5, 2018 by Redskins36

    I downloaded fandom on my phone and I want to know how to have access to the verses and dimensions wiki through the app

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  • Angrybirdstd

    Ages of Alterrealities

    November 2, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    I am a young earth creationist and believe the universe that holds us is no more aged than about five hundred dozen years of age. The Universe we live in is contained by a massive structure called the Earth Dimension, which is only one of zillions of other dimensions which some can be famous, like the Fortnite Dimension. 1 LUD is about 5.813e47 ly. Some out of countless dimensions:

    Dimension Name Age (in years by 2000) Size (in LUD) Distance from Earth dimension (in vigintillions of ly)
    Earth Dimension 52000 1.5e13 Virtually nothing
    Roblox Dimension 55600 1e16 12000
    Sploder Dimension 250000 3.36e11 965.5
    Empiristic Dimension 750000 9.8e8 45000000000
    Fortnite Dimension 3500 1.5e13 42505650000
    Sonic Dimension 249950 2.85e9 1.65e12
    Dora Dimension 265000

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  • Wilhelm Oxclade

    There is a science fiction story I read last night that not only reminded me of what this wiki is about, but also might have well been an article on this wiki. The difference is that this story was written far before the internet, and before many more modern discoveries - but the ring of imaginative clarity sounds through the decades, and this ring is none other than He Who Shrunk by Henry Hasse, available for free reading here.

    Now this is one of the best science fiction stories I've ever read, actually, one of the best stories I've ever read! I found it in a collection of sci-fi stories called "ADVENTURES IN TIME AND SPACE" (original copyright 1946) that's over a thousand pages and has many dozens of stories. I recommend it completely to e…

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  • Wilhelm Oxclade

    So in a past blog post I mentioned “why shouldn’t we be able to play a paltry 11:19 rhythm?” - well, that’s been a goal of mine for a few days, and in these blogs posts I will work towards that, and beyond.

    Let me share with you my journey so far.

    Firstly, what is a polyrhythm? Well, a polyrhythm consists of two or more beats which do not share a common factor (one counts as a factor). Familiar beats like 1:4 and 1:2 are not polyrhythms, and are very easy to play.

    For a beat like 2:3 however, it may not be clear at first how to play it. So how do you play it? Simple - since there are 2 beats for every 3 beats, it means we can split up the time it takes a 2:3 rhythm to play one cycle into LCM(2,3), or 6, parts. Then we divide the 6 by 2 and 3 …

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  • Wilhelm Oxclade

    I can feel the hot seething tears

    In my eyes ready to fully give way

    And I think as I have for years

    That the Almighty surely hates me this way

    If only I knew what was wrong!

    But I can not seem to figure it out

    The days pass by, some short, some long

    Yet here I remain in happiness’ drought

    For my thoughts I deserve to die

    Even for my name to be forgotten

    Why does no-one help me - just why?

    Have we not all committed sin?

    I well know my horrible thought

    That encroaches on me every cheery day

    And on darker days gets caught

    In a most frustrating way

    In a most debasing way

    In a most annoying way

    In a most hurtful way

    In a most violent way

    In a most guiltful way

    In this unceasing sort of way

    I well know my horrible thought

    That encroaches on me every single day

    No mat…

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  • Ubersketch


    October 19, 2018 by Ubersketch

    Acogium is a special type of substance which will contradict the logic or physics of any verse it is placed in (except for specific verses) Firstly we will divide acogium into two types. Pseudoacogium: Contradicts the laws of physics of any verse it is in. Acogium: Contradicts the laws of logic of any verse it is in. Pseudoacogium is useful as a weapon but other than that it’s useless. Acogium can be used to travel between omniverses somehow.

    Where would you find these substances though? In acogoid verses. In pseudoacogoid universes, contradictions in physics pile up into this staticverse or paraverse mess, but never cause a total reality collapse. Because of this, pseudoacogium forms easily. In acogoid universes, it’s the same but instead …

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  • Wilhelm Oxclade

    Creating Minds 101

    October 18, 2018 by Wilhelm Oxclade

    How many people here have pets?

    They are no doubt endearing animals, and personally I have a liking to cats (though I have no pets) for their cute faces, playful demeanor, and for the uniqueness of personality among denizens of their species.

    By petting them it seems hours of negative emotions "flow" out of me, and when given the chance to pet an animal I find a marked difference in mood, as do others. I find it incredible people and animals can empathize on some level, and while animals have their limitations, they are incredibly made for sure.

    If you have a pet though, you also no doubt know that they are a lot of work to feed and clean up after, they are annoying and noisy when you wish them not to be, and they will eventually die.

    So what if…

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  • Wilhelm Oxclade

    Aural Aether

    October 18, 2018 by Wilhelm Oxclade

    The Aural Aether (AA) is an infinitely divisible substance capable of conveying all frequencies of sound at equal amplitude regardless of distance; and does so infinitely quickly.

    In Platonic terms, the aural aether is an idealized gaseous sound-medium. Idealized as such it may facilitate any imaginable (and infinite unimaginable) harmonies with perfect clarity and instant transmission.

    If the stars be music, then the transition between a muddled atmosphere obscuring our view to a pristine perspective in outer space is as the transition between ordinary air to facilitate music and the aural aether.

    In a realm composed solely of AA and an instrument of your choice there are an infinite number of musical pieces, many of whose scope and complexity…

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  • Thomasgamer4000-2


    October 17, 2018 by Thomasgamer4000-2

    The yeetverse is the biggest thing ever, and it has everything in this wiki. It’s also sentient. It looks like our universe but edited due to budget cuts. </div>

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  • Ubersketch

    So the other day I found out about an entity named Imaginatim. All was swell until I looked at the comments. ThisWriter said that the article was contradictory because Imaginatim has control over all imaginata and thus al altarca. I thought this was just lies until I realized ThisWriter created the concept of imaginata. And then I came across lots of articles which are less contradictory but don't make sense. So here goes my rant. 

    Measure the magnitude of a cosmology before putting it in fiction. Even throwing around words as low and omniverse can cause trouble (in a different omniverse its highly likely the mathematics system incompatibilizes anything when compared to another omniverse.) 

    Research something before you put it in your fictio…

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  • Ubersketch

    Singularitium is a substance made entirely of super powerful forces. Although it seems like it's made of matter, it's not. Because of it's properties (being that its made of forces which can be programmed to interact with each other), it can be used to mimic other materials very well (even stuff like stringshard). One of the best ways to get singularitium is to harvest it from near infinite density universes, hence the name. Because of the strength and unity of the forces in a near singularity, it's easy to get singularitium from them.

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  • Ubersketch

    This specific location is basically a giant extrauniversal structure inside the Wall. I'll lay out a timeline.

    Structure (archverse size) is created.

    First intelligent life forms.

    Civilization I harnesses the energy created by metamesonium in special reactors capable of exploiting the universe's really weird physics (unfortunately this physics system doesn't allow for infinite energy from metamesonium) causing metamesonium to blink into existence and out which causes this civilization to boost itself into a very large Kardashev Type civilization.

    Civilization I begins to be able to transcend their universe by accidentally becoming a mobile verse due to metamesonium reactors.

    Civilization I's universe turns into a hubworld due to connections bei…

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  • ElliottB1

    The Hall of Infinite Doors is a realm consisting of an infinite hallway of infinitely many doors. Every door essentially functions as a portal to another verse, dimension, or otherwise place. As the Hall continues, the doors, as well as their destinations, will become increasingly exotic. Beings have attempted to walk to the end of the Hall, but died roughly 2 hours after entering.

    The Hall is theorized to have been created by a being simply known as the Apotheosis. This theory also speculates that the Apotheosis is the being who kills those who attempt to walk to the end of the Hall, and that those who die as a result of walking through the Hall are sent to a realm known as [to do: add name of this realm] as a sort of purgatory where inhabit…

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  • Ubersketch

    Seeing as there are only 3 specific locations, I would like to change that. Introducing the Wall. The Wall is a shield made out of spare universes (usually hollowverses) protecting a large amount of universes inside. It was created by an ancient civilization and has been maintained by several civs since. The result is a near impenetrable wall of universes containing tons of incompatible beings and dangerous entities. If you were to go inside you probably wouldn't survive. It is maintained by powerful beings named the Porters, capable of nullifying the effects of most entities and capturing them. The captured entities are usually used to generate energy to power the wall and to also send into the universes protected by the Wall. 

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  • Jjwsmith

    Beyond the box

    October 8, 2018 by Jjwsmith

    beyond the box are all the everythings and beyonds that lie outside the box due to the fact that it achieves the impossible by truly being outside the box very few things that reside here have interacted with all that lies in the box, beyond the box in turn is just part of a greater existence which is part of an even greater existence and so on

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  • Ubersketch

    Cosmology Level System

    October 6, 2018 by Ubersketch

    Let {} be a particle. The level is the amount of nestings. {} = 0

    = 1

    } = 2 ... ...{}... = w (everything at this point(or below) is considered a universe) (this is the first natural fixed point cosmology level (w is the fixed point 1+a = a.))(this is the first strong and weak limit) w+1 is the level of a multiverse. w+2 is the level of a megaverse. w2 is the level of the omniverse. (this point is the first weak limit beyond w)(this point and all beyond it maybe be just approximation) w3 is the level of the barrel. w^2 is the level of the beyond. and so on...

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  • Ubersketch

    Cosmology - Something that contains someting (can be nothing) i.e. the set {} is a cosmology and so is our universe.

    Particle - Unit cosmology with level 0 (arbitrary choice) i.e. the fundamental particles in the standard model are usually used as particles in our universe as well as urelements in set theory or the empty set.

    Level - Level of nested containment i.e. the level of the particle is 0, the level of 2 particles is 1, the level of a universe is w.

    Empty cosmology - A cosmology that only contains nothing. 

    Altarca - A cosmology which is not related to any other cosmology in its cosmology.

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  • Cheetahrock63


    Position-time spacetime globe:
    Time-position spacetime globe:
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  • Cheetahrock63

    Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on anything, please don’t kill me.

    So in its bare essence, Soupcount is a system of taking defined structures in a cosmological hierarchy called "archverses" (if the cosmology has them) and indexing them with ordinals–a special case of assigning them with elements of any class with a total order (such as for instance, the positive surintegers).

    An archverse indexed with the ordinal

    We can modify this to incorporate the existence of inaccessible cardinals, ACG does have an axiom that implies the existence of one.

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  • Angrybirdstd

    Minorton Minorverses

    September 29, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    Minorton Minorverses are small verses located within a Forostone's core, a Foroverse. They contain Satropons, small hypercubic structures built within Minorton Minorverses. These are also filled with deuterium. These verses may contain eyes that may connect to cosmic entities on the wiki.

    The eyes of Satropon (or simply Satropons) are "eyes" with an eyesight score of 20/7.8525e-16. It can spy on the dimension. It is as old as the containing dimension. It rules over a Forostone. It knows up to 2 quindecillion yottabytes.

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  • Angrybirdstd


    September 27, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    A Foroverse is a strange universe 3 dimensions lower than the Forostone it is in, and is 0.005% of the diameter of the Forostone. It is the least dense part of the Forostone, It is π106 times less dense than the space between the Forostone and the Foroverse.

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  • Holomanga

    The Axiom of Union

    September 26, 2018 by Holomanga

    We've explicitly constructed a set that has zero elements (the empty set), and thanks to the Axiom of Pairing we also have sets with one element and sets with two elements. But what about more? Certainly, set theory wouldn't be much good if it couldn't talk about sets of more than two things!

    Fortunately, there's an axiom for that, the Axiom of Union, one that allows you to construct new sets from existing sets. The Axiom of Union says that if you have a family of sets (a family of sets is just a name for a set that contains sets; "family" is used because set of sets sounds like you're some kind of Solomonic poet trying to apply emphasis), then you can construct another set - the union set - that contains elements that are in any of the set…

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  • Cheetahrock63

    You all better listen to this one closely, because it'll be a real doozy.

    Recommended Blog Post

    As everyone already knows, the real numbers are constructed via equivalence classes of Cauchy sequences of rational numbers with respect to the very familiar Euclidean metric, the Euclidean distance function. A Cauchy sequence -adic numbers form a field and a complete metric space just like the real numbers and complex numbers.

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  • Angrybirdstd

    Dimension/Alter Reality

    September 24, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    An alterreality is a massive universe cluster that contains realitie(s). Us, Earthlings, are in something called the Earth Dimension, which is 8.719 novemdecillion ly in diameter.

    The space-time within a dimension (inter-universal medium) is not the same as inter-dimensional medium, or space within a Multiverse. Our own Multiverse does not have 4 or 5 dimensions, but rather 12 dimensions. That needs to be true to accomidate spirits, Miegakure, higher-dimensional worlds, and high-dimensional travelers. Back with dimensions. Time in inter-universal media is extremely slow compared to that of our own universe. About 18 octillion times slower. So what is like a day here feels like 66 septillion years there. That allows for faster space travel. …

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  • Angrybirdstd


    September 23, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    A Forostone is the exact core of a Dimension, holding 30-55% of a dimension's mass.

    The forostone of a dimension still contains an even deeper verse-the Foroverse! The Foroverse is still quite deep.

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  • Cheetahrock63


    September 23, 2018 by Cheetahrock63

    This should be a convenient index for those who need to ask the original authors of the fictional things questions about the material and/or give them suggestions on how it can be improved. 

    • Beyond
    • MatthewandMario's cosmologies
    • Phaseverse

    • Abfield
    • Altarca
    • Archverse
    • Arhadalite
    • Binary Verses
    • Cynoverse
    • Dimensional mine
    • Dreadnought
    • Eternally Luminous
    • Everett hydra
    • Exophage
    • External Hazard
    • Hexagon Lords
    • Idea Breakers
    • Kzkzt'thtrerther'thaz
    • Law of Cosmological Subjectivity
    • Lodeverse
    • Mobile -verse
    • Najha-Tebah
    • Negative First Causal War
    • Second soup's increasingly messy cosmology
    • Soup's Omniverse
    • Soupcount
    • Paraverse
    • Plateau
    • Prism Gate
    • Schemafield
    • Soci Gahir
    • Spaghettiverse
    • Task Force Iris
    • The Barrelplex
    • The Box
    • The Folded Cascade
    • The Overseer
    • The Rifters' Realm
    • The Unlich
    • Vyotekha

    • Aspect Lord…

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  • Holomanga

    The Axiom of Pairing

    September 19, 2018 by Holomanga

    The Axiom of Pairing is one of those axioms that lets you construct a new set from existing sets. It says that if you have two sets, then you have another set that contains both of these sets. It's written as as a primitive object. Well, kind of.

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  • Holomanga

    The Empty Set

    September 18, 2018 by Holomanga

    Dear Reader, I must humbly apologise, for, though the Title of this Chapter is the Empty Set, I must instead begin with quite a different Set, the Infinite Set, given by the Axiom of Infinity. I beg, in time, you will forgive me for this Transgression, this breaking of the Bond between esteemed Reader and lowly Author.

    The Axiom of Infinity is of the Type that declares a Set to exist, and is simply . This is called the vacuous truth - any statement about all of the elements of the empty set is true. |}

    And now you see the Trickery! I lay before you a Set that contains no Elements at all, the Empty Set. And now that we have such a Set, we may thankfully discard the shackles of that accursed Infinite Set. In time, we may encounter it again, bu…

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  • Cheetahrock63

    The Antibox

    September 18, 2018 by Cheetahrock63

    Let the Box, within ZFC)

    A simple resolution is to assert that this object isn't some kind of mathematical object (kind of like this whole "Absolute Infinity" thing people really seem to hype over) and that it being "inside" everything is not the same as it being an element of a set. A way to think about it is to think of it as "omnipresent".

    You can call this object whatever you like, the Antibox, xoB ehT, the Contrarca, but regardless of the name the object itself will still retain many sort of cool properties that I'm sure many hypercosmology fanatics will like. It's a nice departure from all the really big hypercosmological things, I guess.

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  • Holomanga

    The Twin Cosmology

    September 16, 2018 by Holomanga

    This is lifted from the Cosmology Tier page; I'm copying it in here so I can replace it with the Triplet Cosmology soon.

    Unthinkable Reality

    • The Box - Top level container containing everything

    Paradox Space

    • [...]
    • The Barrelplex and Altarcae
    • [...]
    • Transcendentem - Extracosmological barrier seperating monocosms, maintained by natural and artificial omnipotence
    • [...]
    • The Barrel and Monocosms
    • Beyond
    • Outside
    • [...]
    • Polyverse - Contains multiple complimentary infinite collections of godverses that add to zero
    • Godverse versorts - Tiers of collections of godverses
    • Godverse - Infinite collections of omniverses with similar epistemic definitions
    • Omniverse versorts - Tiers of collections of omniverses
    • Omniverse - Top of the hierarchy, contains all of reality


    • [.…
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  • Holomanga

    Follow on from The Axiom of Extensionality

    The Axiom of Extensionality tells you what set theory is: it's the study of the symbol , so there exists no universal set. |}

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  • Holomanga

    The Axiom of Extensionality

    September 10, 2018 by Holomanga

    Set theory is the theory of things that can contain other things. This is expressed formally through the magic symbol |}

    Those theorems are pretty basic, but we do only have one axiom to work with, which doesn't even tell us how to make new sets! More axioms will give us more theorems, and therefore more power. Onwards!

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  • Polyhedron69


    August 27, 2018 by Polyhedron69

    Some guy falsey reported my discord account so i got suspended again, ill make ANOTHER new one

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  • Cheetahrock63


    The totally ordered proper class of Conway’s surreal numbers are an awesome and very beautiful number system, containing all the real numbers, the ordinals, and some rather oddball numbers that are not either such as and Veblen function==

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  • Polyhedron69

    Gmail sucks

    July 26, 2018 by Polyhedron69

    My email was removed for no reason, so I'll have to make a new discord account

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  • Cheetahrock63

    Glossary to establish common ground for V&D users everywhere, prevent ambiguity when referencing terms and to make ThisWriter smile a little. This glossary is meant to cover mostly the fictional side of the wiki. It might get its own page sooner or later if the admins agree. If anyone has suggestions on how to handle this, please comment below. Apologies if I'm sounding a lot less coherent and a lot more muddled, I'm really tired and also rushing.


    Used to denote a plane


    Used to denote a realm


    Used to denote a verse


    Abstract realm




    As Above, so Below




    Big Bang



    Classical mechanical universe

    Closed universe

    Compact dimension

    Cosmic entity




    Dark energ…

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  • Lord Aspect

    LA's Box

    July 20, 2018 by Lord Aspect

    Box (my definition) is the supreme level. To describe it i made four rules:

    • At least one Altarca in the Box contains X (X may stand even for "Tony's Nothing")
    • At least one Altarca in the Box contains a thing that even True Omnipotence cannot create.
    • The Box is above True Omnipotence and anything higher.
    • At least one Altarca contains entire Box and is contained by Box.
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  • MatthewandMario

    Thank you all for the great support of V&D wiki!

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  • Lord Aspect


    May 29, 2018 by Lord Aspect

    Infinitiy is a number (or not) that has no end. Infinity means Not Finite, so, Infinity is actually not finite. Lord Aspect defined some tiers of Infinity.

    Tier 1 Infinity is a start of all infinities. First infinity is N0 (Aleph Null) aka ω (Omega). Technically, some numbers are literally after it, despite all infinites are meant to be equal (long to explain).

    These tiers are calculated from the value of number, that this tier represents. T = IN№ - ω + 1, where IN№ is a infinity, we need to classify, and T is tier number.


    • ω + 1 (Tier 2)
    • ω + 10 (Tier 11)

    These tiers can be calculated by another formula, native to previous. For first, you have to dissolve a number into a set of similliar numbers multiplying. For example: 3ω = ω + ω + ω. …

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  • Addemup9001

    A future timeline I've made over the course of the past week or so.


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  • Lord Aspect

    Idk if someone on this wiki already came to same idea.

    So, Neuroversal Civilization, is a civilization, manipulating a Neuroverse. Neuroverse is a artificial Metaverse, where entire population of this civilization exists as a digital projection. Those civilizations may be existing at the last stages of Universe's existence, if they could not conquer or reach another Universe. N.C. are using the energy of black holes (energy from their Hawking Radiation) to power the entire system. I am not sure how they would use miserful ammount of this energy to power up a Neuroverse, but nothing impossible prevents civilization from taking control over multiple black holes, to obtain more energy, that possibly will be enough to power a Neuroverse.


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  • Holomanga

    Recommended Textbook: Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering; Riley, Hobson and Bence, Chapters 1 and 3

    Okay so the first bullet point is Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions; complex numbers. This is all one bullet point, for some reason, though I guess it's somewhat understandable.

    The two big trigonometric functions are sine and cosine, written as . Read more >
  • Holomanga

    So, recently I learned that there is a standard undergraduate physics list of topics, called the Core of Physics and set by IoP.

    Luckily, I know like half of that shit on there, and handily, there's a bunch of bullet points that each give convenient topic headings.

    This means, of course, that I can churn out shitty blog posts, one to a heading, and when this is complete, we will all have degrees on this blessed day.

    It's go time.

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  • Polyhedron69

    I'm going to start posting hypothetical scenarios. Such as future of humanity,what if,future event,etc. I'll call it Polyhedron's Hypothetical Scenarios or PHS for short. If you have any ideas for one let me know and I might just make one on it.👍 This is not to be offensive if any one has a problem with one of mine I will take it down.

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  • StillNotOriginal

    I told you, this was low quality. Why'd you click it?

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  • Lord Aspect

    Cycle of Everything is a way to arrange stuff in cosmology into one endless loop. This loop works like this: largest thing is contained by something small, while something small is contained by this same largest thing. All of this loops to beyond infinity.

    If a cosmology has this loop, it's both highest and lowest tiers would definitely be Cycle of Everything.

    P.S. i did that so we can recreate C.o.E. page, using better definition.

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