• Holomanga

    I'm passionate about circuit theory for some reason. I'm not sure why, but it's just really nice. It's like calculus, but in real life with little calculus machines.

    At any point on the circuit, you have two associated quantities, which give you the state of the circuit: voltage and current.

    Voltage is electrical potential energy. Batteries use their own energy to give the electrons in the circuit this potential energy. If the voltage drops, then this energy is released somehow; usually as heat.

    This means that voltages around a closed loop must add up to 0. If you grab an electron, and then move it around the circuit, then it must lose as much energy as it gains. Otherwise, energy wouldn't be conserved.

    Current is the flow of charges; it's pr…

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  • Zephixo


    October 18, 2017 by Zephixo


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  • Primussupremus

    Everyone knows who Arthur C. Clarke was the British science fiction writer, popular science writer, inventor, undersea explorer, futurist, television host and part time philosopher. Clarkes most famous project his semi-magnum opus if you like 2001:A Space Odyssey created with the help of the brilliant Stanley Kubrick was an allegory for the development of mankind towards godhood with the unseen aliens representing this godlike state of superintelligence. The film which came slightly before the book has been described as the greatest film ever made, the greatest story ever told and a film beyond films themselves, to me the film is not just a work of art rather it is a stage in our evolution the beginning of our journey towards the singulari…

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  • Primussupremus

    Black hole entities.

    October 17, 2017 by Primussupremus

    In this blog post I would like to describe to you an idea called the 'black hole entity hypothesis' which essentially asks the question of 'is it possible for a sentient being to exist as a blackhole or in other words can black holes gain sentience?'

    Before we begin I l would like to describe two types of black hole, the cosmological black hole and the informational blackhole. A cosmological or stellar black hole is formed when a sufficently large star at least 20 times larger than our sun  collapses in on itself resulting in a supernova ejecting a large portion of the stars material out into space and an infinitely dense singularity appearing at the centre of the black hole. The gravitational pull of a black hole is strong enough to suck i…

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  • Edwin Shade

    A Request

    October 16, 2017 by Edwin Shade

    So I've noticed that math equations and symbols are barely readable on this Wiki.

    For instance, here is the famous E=mc^2 equation in LaTeX: . Not very comfortable to read, is it ?

    I'm wondering if there is a way to work around this problem, or to make the site display LaTeX in an easier to read way.

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  • Edwin Shade

    Without resorting to too much speculation, I have decided to compile a list of what I feel covers the basic domains of existence, both physical and abstract.

    The vivaverse consists of all things that have an existence physically and non-physically, (yet not abstractly), such as a rhinoceros beetle, a small asteroid in the Kuiper belt, and a distant quasar. The vivaverse is limited to all things that exist, and therefore does not include things which could theoretically exist but do not.

    The sub-domains of the vivaverse include the obverse, the universe, and the hiverse. The obverve is short for the "observable universe" and consists of all the space, time, and objects within an approximately 92 billion light year diameter sphere, with Earth b…

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  • Holomanga

    Ideal Circuit Elements

    October 13, 2017 by Holomanga

    This is circuit theory, which is physics, and therefore within the scope of this wiki. This is what I am going to tell my lawyer when you sue me.

    These components follow Kirchoff's laws:

    • Current flowing into a junction and current flowing out of a junction are equal (conservation of charge)
    • Total voltage around a closed loop is zero (conservation of energy)

    With these you can construct a differential equation that describes the behaviour of your circuit.

    These are ideal components - non-ideal components can be represented by adding resistors, inductors and capacitors to taste.

    Worked examples coming maybe.

    • Voltage source - Sets the voltage to . Associated with elastance and capacitance. Secretly just a gap.
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  • Edwin Shade

    So I stumbled upon this site while on the Googology Wiki, assuming by the name it was about multi-dimensional spaces and their mathematical properties, (i.e. topology, polytopes, etc...). Instead however I found many pages which contain no provably factual information at all, but instead offer unverifiable cosmological theories.

    The multiverse is a strictly hypothetical construct, which even if it were to exist, there would be no way to confirm this due to the fact it would be impossible to travel outside of our universe. So while imagining a vastly larger "-verse" that contains ours stretches the imagination, it leaves us with no new understanding of the world around us, and is pretty useless to be honest.

    Another issue I have with the arti…

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  • Cheetahrock63


    October 9, 2017 by Cheetahrock63

    A cheetah is a sixteen-dimensional toratope. It can be defined as the set of all points an equal distance from the margin of a octocylinder, in other words, a torus made from a octocylinder.

    The cheetah gets its name from the Felinal naming system, where tigric toratopes get named after smaller cats after tiger.

    • 1 cheetah (16D)
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  • Holomanga

    Fractional Hypercubes

    October 5, 2017 by Holomanga

    Clearly, fractional hypercubes are best created by cartesian exponentiation of a line.

    faces, etc.

    Is this reasonable? Probably.

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  • Cheetahrock63

    just my cosmology guys

    • The Box - The largest possible/impossible set. Cantor's Absolute Infinity can be assigned to it.
    • Altarca - Set of possibiities and impossibilities along a separate path along the Box. Our local one is the Barrelplex.
    • Transcendentem - Essential barrier containing massive bubbles of Beyond
    • Beyond - The space that holds monocosms
    • Monocosm - A 'bubble' containing Outside, Godverses, and the Omniverse. Our local one is the Barrel .
    • Godverses - A large realm that orbits an Omniverse or other Godverses. The ones that orbit the Omniverse are home to Creator and Destroyer, and the smaller satellite one orbiting Creator's Godverse is the Beyond Realm, home to a nigh-omnipotent being called Hyperman.
    • Omniverse - To put it simply, the …
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  • Cheetahrock63


    I think that the Universe isn't exactly flat or a sphere, but a glome , a 4-dimensional version of a sphere (though it's entirely possible that it could be any other manifold). This model will be used in Space Cheetahs. The universe that we see, observe, and will observe is only the 3-dimensional surface of a 4-dimensional ball. You may travel in any direction you please, and you will always end up back where you started. Think of it like trying to draw a straight line on a ball, but in a higher dimension and a much higher scale. As the entire universe expands, all of the surface expands at once, meaning that there is no "center" of the Universe you can travel to. You can try to find the center of the Universe, yo…

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  • Tonybalongna


    August 28, 2017 by Tonybalongna
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  • Rahkshi500

    Rahkshi500's Cosmology

    August 21, 2017 by Rahkshi500

    A cosmology set that I came up with.

    The Box: The Highest Possible/Impossible cosmological level.

    Altarca: Set of possibilities/impossibilities within the Box, making up its structure.

    Beyond: Unknown zone containing countless monocosms.

    Monocosm: Collective set of higher-ranked verses such as the Omniverse, Godverse, the Outside, and etc.

    The Outside: Extradimensional absence of space that makes up the "region" within a Monocosm.

    Godverse: The realms that house the Creator and the Destroyer.

    Omniverse: Largest possible verse of a cosmology, containing infinite lesser verses within it.

    Multiverse: Vast collection of infinite universes.

    Universe: A single realm of self-contained space and time, possibily housing life, or no life at all.

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  • MatthewandMario


    August 21, 2017 by MatthewandMario

    He is beyond everything, beyond beyond everything, beyond the omni-ultra-infinite hierarchy, in fact, he is beyond all hierarchys and everything else and whatever. Even beyonjd existence, non-existence, etc. And all etc/ and etc.

    He could defeat The Box, Nothing, Omniumverse Suggsverse, Sora, KAMITRON, Exaggerated Goku, Sora and all in his creations, Meatwad, Voyagers (Suggsverse) and the Omniumverse with less than less than no effort at minimum. However he could appear at our level and the level (even if levels don't apply) if he wishes.

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  • SergecjTerra

    okay let me start
    my hierarchy starts at something I call a "point"
    it's not an actual point with zero dimensions
    or whatever
    it's just the simpliest concept there is
    it doesn't have any properties or stats
    next important thing is what i call a "connection"
    two points can be connected with a connection
    that forms a very simple concept
    yet just ever so slightly more complex than just a point
    the only information it contains is well.......
    the fact that two points are unified in a concept lol
    it's important to note that
    points don't have an "ID"
    nor do connections
    it's only possible to have one connection between two points
    and MOST importantly!
    this is not a geometic entity, it's not oriented in space
    it's just an abstract thing
    okay so from two connected poi…

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  • Nesymerp

    We are starting from Aleph null.-The first smallest infinity! Then we hit Aleph_Omega. Wich is a bigger infinity then the other alephs below it. Then whats beyond them? Aleph null----------Aleph omega-------θ We hit something here. Its an ineccible cardinal called transinfinity the smallest transinfinity.

    We hit then a other thing called Theta_one. Or the second smallest transinfinity θ+1 And then comes θ+2 θ+3 θ+4 and so one........

    As we see on the picture. This is an inecceible smallest transinfinity after we hit those Theta pluses we hit a bigger transinfinity called. θ1 Or theta 1. θ2 θ3 θ4 θ5... All the way out to θ_omega! So we can reach θxθ or we can do a bigger trasinfinity cardinal Then θ×θ + 1, θ×θ + 2, ... θxθ + ω, ... θ×(θ + 1), ... θ×(θ×θ…

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  • Alemagno12

    Everything (archive)

    August 9, 2017 by Alemagno12

    This is the archive of one of the pages I made, called Everything. In the page, I defined Nothing in wrong way, so it was deleted. I will rewrite it in the future.

    Everything, also known as Every Thing, All Things, Every Single Thing, Everyone, etc, is the object that doesn't lack anything. This concept created by Alemagno12.

    Since Everything doesn't lack anything, Everything can't even have a name, but it can't not have a name, because it would lack having or not having a name. But even if Everything doesn't have and doesn't (doesn't have) a name, that last statement is false, since Everything would lack not (not having a name and not (not having a name)). In fact, even that last statement is false too, since Everything would lack not havin…

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  • Holomanga

    Growth Rates

    August 7, 2017 by Holomanga

    The growth of a civilisation, unconstrained by resources, with no technology, follows the differential equation

    W, most of which comes from luminous B-class stars).
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  • SandstoneGem

    mine cosmology

    August 6, 2017 by SandstoneGem

    Infinityverse - EVERYTHING and EVERYONE existing, and don't existing

    BEYOND - everything inside Infinityverse's Crust, and beyond Giga Dodecahedron


    Dodecahedron Of Space-Time - dodecahedron, holding a Omniverse inside it

    Omniverse - multiple Hyperverses

    Hyperverse - multiple Xenoverses

    Xenoverse - multiple Metaverses

    Metaverse - multiple Multiverses

    Multiverse T - largest multiverse

    Multiverse M - medium multiverse

    Multiverse B - multiverse beta, contains multiple universes

    Universe - u know

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  • ZaperatorYnossPro44

    This cosmology is not yet complete.

    • Unthinkable Reality - The name given to the space that exists outside the Box. Even if it contains The Box, it still contained by The Box.
    • The Box - The largest imaginable or unimaginable set and the top level container containing everything else and every conceivable and inconceivable idea ever. The box contains everything outside the box, whilst still being contained by The Box. Nothing surpasses The Box but as it is a concept, it still contained by The Box. There is no a single ruler of the box, except The True God.
    • Altarca - Sealed portions of the Box which is the set of possibilities and impossibilities within the Box, making up its structures. Our local altarca is the Barrelplex.
    • Transcendentem - Sum …
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  • Googleaarex


    August 3, 2017 by Googleaarex

    Impossiverse is not a verse, but it is a set contains concepts and existence in nesting subsets.

    All of the subsets must be in one grand set, which is the sum. The element can be either the subset, existence, non-existence, or concept. There are 2 types of subsets, the square brackets and curly brackets.

    The square brackets have 2 to infinity elements, that the first element contains all other elements in the subset.

    The curly brackets that if the first element exists in the cosmology, then the result is the second element, otherwise the third element.

    Work in progress!

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  • ThisWriter

    This law states that any possible new structure anyone comes up with to include everything else and/or be above everything else in the cosmological hierarchy will either be structurally identical to The Box or end up being smaller than it and, therefore, contained by it.

    According to this law, such attempts only end up creating different points of view of the same top level structure, nothing more.

    An example of this is the Imaginarium which, despite being quite different in description to the Box still is structurally identical to it on a fundamental level. Both are the fictional containers for everything. Both contain smaller elements (Altarcae and Imaginata) which are individual independent cosmologies. Those contain everything else insid…

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  • LizneyNarezney

    It seems that we will always find a 'whatever' that is in contrary to 'whatever'. Whatever that 'lacks', even if we claim that it does not lack. A paradox will lack a resolution, and the resolution will lack the infinite loop. The simultaneous will lack the non-simultaneous. The beyond will lack the immediate. Inclusion will lack exclusion. Limitation will lack non-limitation and vice versa. The both and the neither. The all and the none. The quasi and the semi. The balance and the imbalance. The maybe and maybe nots. The coherent and the incoherent. Yet somehow the lacks will lack the lack nots. So how do we deal with this?

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  • Nesymerp


    July 31, 2017 by Nesymerp
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  • Nesymerp

    Cosmology- Nullverse

    July 31, 2017 by Nesymerp
    The Nullverse is a universe that is a mini universe... The nullverse contains     

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  • Tonybalongna

    Here are all of the pages i've made within my project.


    Kalyubi Dimension


    Demon Thread


    False Author Authority

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  • Nesymerp

    The googolverse

    July 30, 2017 by Nesymerp

    The Googolverse is a collection of infinte Omniverses.    The googolverse is Aleph 1 in size or possibly i beyond infinite!

    The googolverse is named after googolplex, the googolverse has alot of omniverses that are grouped together.

    What are those redish brownish spots on the picture? the red brownish spots are some type of Universes attracting the Omniverses or hot spots!

    Asking why it is blue on the backround of the whiteish Omniverses?  Well its pretty good question!  Thats just the a universe thats Aleph 3 in size..  That universe the googlverse it is in. Is the Multialephverse. 

    The Multialephverse is a universe with infinite Googolverses.

    Theres alot of facts about the googolverse.

    I came up with comsmology facts. Googolverse can be intress…

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  • Alemagno12

    I decided to make this for an explanation of all of my cosmology.


    These are objects that can't be ranked because we don't know enough about them.

    The Realium is just another name for everything that exists in reality. We can't categorize this, since we don't know if reality consists of only our universe, or if there are also other universes, multiverses, archverses, omniverses, or other stuff. However, we do know that it can be categorized in at least rank ???, because we know that our universe exists.

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  • Second soup

    On the surface of a hexagonal plate in the Folded Cascade the size of a supercluster, in a city of blue stone and glimmering white metal, on a large balcony off the side of a skyscraper, sat a rotund young woman wearing glasses and dressed in brown and black robes.

    She had a book in her hand and was absentmindedly thumbing through the pages. Of course, she didn't exactly need to read the book - she already knew everything about it, from the story itself and all of the words within, to the exact location of each individual molecule of ink and paper, and the state of each of the myriad wave-particle pairs composing every one of them.

    Similarly, there was a cup of coffee on the table in front of her. She had no use for it - her actual body, a ma…

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  • Tonybalongna

    I haven't really made a good page since the day when I decided I had enough of the box being at the top and created Nothing, so i'd like to make another page around the same length as it, but to do so, i'm going to need some of you guys' help. Other pages need to be made in relation to the one I might make, it might be an entity, might be a -verse (which i rarely do) or it might even be a category which I had an idea for.

    Talk to me about it in the discord if you haven't already.

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  • Holomanga

    Wikipedia uses a bunch of classifications to compare the quality of their articles. So does the Dwarf Fortress wiki. I'm gonna kinda mash them together. Here's some vague unhelpful qualitative descriptions.

    Individual types of page (e.g. verses, shapes) might have their own style guides eventually or something. I don't know. I have a feeling that some kind of wiki-improving backend hidden in a different namespace might be a good idea.

    • S-Class - Complete article, containing all relevant information on the topic. Additions by experts might be useful, but nothing missing from the main article.
    • A-Class - High quality article, covering most of the topic and useful for a casual reader. Well written with a good flow and few grammatical errors. Contai…
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  • Googleaarex

    The Box Quest

    July 21, 2017 by Googleaarex

    Few days ago, I started an another game design about the story of how the box was seen. You can find out at the site.

    Also, you can't take suggestions in my game design. I don't want the people who suggests ideas in my game design.

    • 7/21/17 - Logic Era completed.
    • Late 7/21/17 - Most parts of Protoverse Era completed.
    • 7/22/17 - Time-Runner Ascension completed.
    • 7/23/17 - Quantum Era completed.
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  • Holomanga

    What is it time for? No idea.

    Okay, it's time for convergence, as that title says. Why is it time for convergence?

    The answer is simple. The first question of your homework is on it.

    I assume I am violating 300 copyright laws by doing this. If you work at the Mathematical Insitute in Oxford University, please don't sue me.

    Okay. So, um.


    The question is basically that the sequence xn converges to the point x, and it also converges to the point x'. We're meant to discover that these two points are actually the same point. A sequence can't converge to two different points at the same time.


    Let's look at the definition of convergence again.

    Convergence: for the sequence xn over the set …

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  • Holomanga

    So, the title sums up everything. When I heard ThisWriter declare me a shapes dude, this sudden wave of impostor syndrome came over me. How could I possibly be a shapes dude? I don’t even know what shapes are! I’m just some guy who literally thinks that tesseracts are cubes that turn themselves inside out.

    The only way to fix this is to, of course, learn all of topology. My estimates suggest that, because topology is easy, it should take me about five minutes. Alright, let’s hop right in. I have some lecture notes right here, so I should just be able to get cracking.

    So, chapter 1, section 1. Easy.


    Alright. Back to basics. What is a metric space? I don’t really know. I imagine that it’s a space, and the space presumably has a metric of som…

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  • Primussupremus

    A megastructure if you don't know is any kind of artificially made construct that is considerably large externally as well as internally in some cases. The minimum height requirement for a megastructure must be at least 1km and the minimum length requirement is 20km , although this is just an estimate since both of these sizes describe very small mega structures.

    Although megastructures are generally found off-world due to many of them being millions of times larger than the planet they originate some of them are small enough to fit on the their home-planet.

    Examples of such structures include:

    The great wall of china  and the large hadron collider.

    Beyond this we have stellar or galactic level megastructures such as:

    Dyson spheres and Matriosk…

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  • Primussupremus

    The human-man.

    July 1, 2017 by Primussupremus

    When mankind was in its darkest hour due to the threat of global internet censorship and Nuclear terrorism a random chance occurence caused all the people who have ever lived to merge together forming the human-man. Human-man was made up of all the best qualities of mankind with none of our weaknesses such as disease or war , this entity was literally the ideal person. They had a complete mastery of all possible skills from playing instruments to martial arts , this allowed for them to paint masterpieces , build supercomputers out of scraps and win at any event. This combined Human would have the destructive capability to destroy a small island to entire continent with preparation time. Their speed would be greater than any of our finest v…

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  • ThisWriter

    On thinkability

    June 30, 2017 by ThisWriter

    So, thinking about how thinkable things are! Meta thinking would be thinking about thinking, so what is this?

    I'm going to have to refer to my cosmology here because it partly started with some comments in relation to it. So, tu take that out of the way: We don't know if the Imaginarium is equal to the Omniumverse but we know that it both contains and is contained by it. Those two relations are not identical. To both contain and be contained at the same time is not necessarily the same as being identical.

    This entire debate is predicated on some of the properties defined to objects in the Thinkability scale so let's examine those. (The link was modified to point to the old version of the page I was commenting on, seing as the page was rename…

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  • Primussupremus

    As the human race continues to advance further and further into the future there will come a time in the not to distant future what mankind joins with their technology becoming semi-biological entities. This change from biological - artificial will not be like in the films rather it will be an elegant process using sophisticated nanobots rather than cluncky steel apendenges. The 1st stage of this post biological era will be in the early 2020's when the first fully fuctioning medical nanobots will be commisioned. They will be injected into the bloodstreams of the billions of people alive at the time giving them increased pain resistance , healing abilties and an a resistance to many kinds of disease and illness. In later decades as computer…

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  • Primussupremus

    Last time I described briefly my idea on the multilayered theory of reality now I would like to describe this outside of physics and into the worlds of metaphysics and philosophy.

    If you think about it very carefully time is actually split into two parts chronal time (time that can be measured) and eternal time (time that can't be measured but just exists). Chronal time is the easier of the two to understand as it effects are felt by everyone across time and space eternal time is harder as it is purely metaphysical in nature.

    The eternal nature of time could only be fully comprehended at the infiniteth level of existence a place only the oldest and mightiest of beings in existence could comprehend.

    The deeper into the levels of physics you go…

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  • Primussupremus

    If we consider newtonian mechanics to be the first level of physics the easiest level to understand in terms of our place in the vastness of space. The 2nd level the einstinian level is what governs the laws of newtonian mechanics going one step further than what newton did by factoring in the speed of light. The 3rd level the quantum level is what controls the workings of the einstinian system of physics and by default the newtonian system. Beyond the quantum level we have the sub-quantum pixel layers where each smaller level

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  • ThisWriter

    Seing as there is already a Reality page which people seem to mostly agree with and seing that I have a different take on it, instead of trying to edit said page I'm putting my attempt at defining it here as a blog post.

    "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away" Philip K. Dick

    Reality is where we, the writers of this wiki, as well as the reader, live. We are all part of reality in whatever way we exist.

    Reality is whatever is real. It means the state of being real, the state of things as they actually exist as opposed by how we think or believe they exist. Reality is all that exists, no matter what is imagined, believed, perceived or even believed to be known about it. Even if all we think we know about it is wro…

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  • Holomanga

    Infinite Kardashevs

    June 26, 2017 by Holomanga

    The problems with judging a civilisation by its energy consumption have been laid out well by ThisWriter. The main issue is that Universes, and probably higher -verses, are probably infinite; a flat or hyperbolic spacetime (as well as some of the other five Thurston spacetimes that I haven’t brought up) would be infinitely large, and therefore contain an infinite amount of energy.

    This isn’t directly an issue, but it leads to two unfortunate consequences:

    • There are no friendly qualitative descriptors of Kardashev levels. 1 is Planet, 2 is Star, 3 is Galaxy, but 4 and above don’t mean anything special.
    • The qualitative descriptors explode. Universe is Type Infinity. Multiverse is also Type Infinity, but maybe a bigger infinity.

    This may be recov…

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  • ThisWriter

    The Kardashev Scale

    I'm writing this post to present my position that it does not scale with the level of things that are being created on this wiki. As stated it is a means of ranking a civilization by measuring its power generation and usage capacity. It measures power consumption only, nothing more, and, because of that it scales only in relation to said power consumption. All other factors are ignored.

    The scale works well as invented up to the Type 3 civilization with a power consumption of 1036 watts which is the approximate equivalent to the entire energy output of a galaxy. Each level in the scale increases by about 1010 the energy usage which means that a Type 4 civilization would be at about the 1046 watts usage which is the approxim…

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  • ThisWriter


    June 24, 2017 by ThisWriter

    So, as per the intent originally demonstrated on a note at the end of this article, it has now been put up as a normal wiki page here. This blog post is now to be considered a first draft.

    Just a name for everything, for the all encompassing set. It is in our nature to name things and this is a name to include all names. Whenever one talks or thinks about anything that thing is inside it. No exceptions, none, zip. It has been referred by many other names like Reality, Omniverse, The Box, etc but ThisWriter choose to name it Omniumverse here. These names may also plausibly refer to things that ThisWriter as named differently.

    ThisWriter has also attempted to define it in a way that actually makes sense with our true reality as well as with any…

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  • Primussupremus

    The cosmic emperor was born during the infinitesimal period of the universe when the laws of magic and metaphysics governed. These laws were eventually overwritten by the laws of the physics just after the infinitesimal period ended , to remain alive The infinitesimal ones embedded their laws deep into the heart of reality resulting in various pocket universes emerging. When the emperor was 1/10th of a second old he emerged from his chrystalis within his Mothers womb emerging as an alien intelligence within an alien universe. Seeking to understand where he was the emperor the emperor travelled around the emptiness that was around him he did this until all the atoms had formed allowing him to form a physical structure for himself. The emper…

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  • Holomanga

    Surreal Verse Levels

    June 16, 2017 by Holomanga

    The most natural way to assign infinite numbers to verse levels is of course to use the surreal numbers. The surreal numbers are constructed by having a set of surreals on either side of a bracket. In basic terms, the surreal number obtained as a result is the simplest surreal between those two. As some examples,  < x

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  • Primussupremus

    Within the multiverse there are many universes that are not only teeming with life in sense of wildlife as we know it but also in the sense of everything from planets to stars being alive. The sentiverse as we will call it is sentient , fully conscious being in constant connection with all of its subaspects such as galaxies , stars , humans etc. Within the Sentiverse there are an infinite number of layers allowing for increasingly complex forms of life from single celled organisms to indescribable lifeforms and beyond. As the Sentiverse is a living being albeit with a much longer lifespan it requires a physical body for directly communicating with the lower life forms. This body resembles whatever species the Sentiverse is contacting for e…

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  • MatthewandMario

    The V&D wiki turns 1 today. Here's a list of those who made this wiki thrive:

    • Second_Soup
    • Holomanga
    • BeyonderGodOmnipotent (For creating the unique aesthetic)
    • Aerex
    • Tony
    • and Username5243 (for creating many of the articles on shapes)

    Thanks to all y'all amazing peepz!

    Let's see what crazy ideas are brought about for the next 12 months!

    MatthewandMario (talk) 17:01, June 14, 2017 (UTC)MatthewandMario

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  • Primussupremus

    As the master of the 5th wall is an eternal being who will exist forever and ever in some form or another and some of these forms have become quite famous while others not so much.

    Here is a list of some of the people , creatures and things the proctector has been over the years: Hal 9000 , R2d2 , a sandwich , the celestial toymaker , Jack kirby , king arthur , uncle sam , mark twain , The doctor , the planet gallifrey , a cube , a 400 dimensional hyper cone  and a base ball bat.

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