An apeirogonal hosohedron is a tiling composed of infinitely many digonal faces, all sharing the same two vertices. In normal Euclidean space, it is degenerate.

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\{2,1\} \{2,2\} \{2,3\} \{2,4\} \{2,5\} \{2,6\} \{2,7\} \{2,8\} ... \{2,\aleph_0\}
Monogonal hosohedron Digonal dihedron Trigonal hosohedron Square hosohedron Pentagonal hosohedron Hexagonal hosohedron Heptagonal hosohedron Octagonal hosohedron ... Apeirogonal hosohedron

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\{2,\aleph_0\} \{3,\aleph_0\} \{4,\aleph_0\} \{5,\aleph_0\} \{6,\aleph_0\} \{7,\aleph_0\} \{8,\aleph_0\} ... \{\aleph_0,\aleph_0\}
Apeirogonal hosohedron Infinite-order triangular tiling Infinite-order square tiling Infinite-order pentagonal tiling Infinite-order hexagonal tiling Infinite-order heptagonal tiling Infinite-order octagonal tiling ... Infinite-order apeirogonal tiling

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